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Published: May 13, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Team SoloMid has lain off head coach Tailored
  • TSM initially did well under Tailored but recently their performance started declining
  • The team will now look to rework its inner structure

Team SoloMid is looking to boost its performance via an inner restructuring, resulting in the team parting ways with head coach Tailored.

Tailored Leaves TSM

Team SoloMid will be releasing its head VALORANT coach Taylor “Tailored” Broomall from duty. This was announced on the team’s official Twitter page.

Coach Tailored was a great help to TSM in the start of 2020. Thanks to his guidance the team scored three victories in various events. Moreover TSM got the fourth stop in the PAX Arena Invitational and the second place at the VALORANT First Strike.

However their momentum came to an abrupt stop. Since VALORANT First Strike, the team’s performance declined and its members struggled to get admitted to the important events. TSM lost the chance to enter VALORANT Champions Tour Masters One and continued in Stage Two where it was quickly eliminated by Andbox.

This less-than-perfect performance is what probably led TSM to seek regaining their footing. Other than dismissing Tailored, the team also benched Stephen “reltuC” Cutler from the main lineup.

Tailored is now free to explore options. He hasn’t immediately found a new team neither has TSM found a new coach. Tailored published that he’s open to invitations and propositions from other teams.

Esports are a dynamic thing. Teams make adjustments all the time in the search of a perfect roster. People get benched, switch teams, get laid off etc. Even top players may get tired and start underperforming.

We can wish both Team SoloMid and Tailored the best of luck in continuing their esports careers. It will be curious to see who will TSM welcome as a new head coach and where will Tailored end up. 

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