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Published: May 20, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • OG has previously won two editions of The International but is currently struggling
  • Team Secret immediately grabbed the chance to troll them for their heavy loss against Team Liquid
  • The friendly banter is a sweet revenge for a past time where OG mocked Secret instead

Team Secret finally takes revenge on OG as it trolled them about their loss against Team Liquid.

Team Secret’s Banter on Twitter

OG is known as a top team but is recently struggling to live up to its name. Despite the team winning two iterations of The International in the past, it is now in danger of being relegated to the lower division after a devastating 0:2 loss against Team Liquid during the DPC Season 2: Upper Division in Europe.

Team Secret whom OG have previously mocked, immediately jumped at the opportunity to get back at their competitors and unleashed a wave of troll posts on Twitter, joking about OG in every way possible. Here is what happened:

In the match against Team Liquid, Liquid’s player Tommy “Taiga” Le buffed a Centaur Conqueror with a Firesnap Cookie, leading to OG’s defeat. As this isn’t the first time OG suffer from Centaur shenanigans (the other being against Tundra Esports), the team posted a self-depreciating joke, claiming centaurs are their sworn enemies.

Team Secret saw the opportunity and immediately posted the “Centaur delivery > mail delivery” comment, referencing the recent coaching controversy where Johan “N0tail” Sundstein from OG posted the now infamous “I accept NoMail” comment, after he was flooded with messages critiquing how he lashed out against Alliance.

Team Secret didn’t stop there. They continued, next jokingly providing OG with a “constructive feedback” where they suggested that OG should improve their Twitter game and their mail opening skills.

As OG proceeded to lose the second game in an even more devastating manner, Team Secret continued their banter by thanking Team Liquid for “taking out the trash” and “keeping the DPC streets clean”.

Team Secret then turned their attention to Team Liquid’s player Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan’s splendid performance. As SumaiL used to be a part of OG and was dismissed in order to free place for the return of Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, Team Secret didn’t miss the chance to emphasize this as a mistake.

Team Secret definitely got back at OG. OG previously mocked Secret after a game where OG won with 2:0.

What Will Happen With OG Now?

Currently OG is in danger of being relegated to the lower division if it doesn’t perform well in the tiebreakers against Tundra Esports and Brame. OG lost its chance for the AniMajor despite recently making adjustments and will probably have to think about making some more in the future.

OG will still have a shot at defending their title at the International 10 but will now have to do so via the regional qualifiers. In any case, as things have been pretty dark for them, we can hope they took Team Secret’s banter with a positive attitude and have had as much fun as Secret did in trolling them.

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