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Published: April 19, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Swimstrim was recently accused of harassment and abuse by his former girlfriend Amwe
  • Many other Legends of Runeterra streamers supported Amwe’s story and shared their own experiences
  • Evil Geniuses heard the concerns and decided to cut its ties with Swimstrim

Evil Geniuses has removed Swimstrim from the organization, following allegations of harassment, abuse and drug use.

How It Came to This?

It seems that the drama between the Legends of Runeterra content creators Amwe and Sean “Swimstrim” Huguenard has reached a satisfying conclusion. Evil Geniuses learned of the terrible way in which Swimstrim treated his fellow streamers and opted to cut ties with him.

A few days ago, Swimstrim became notorious for his behavior towards other streamers, especially female ones. Amwe, his ex-girlfriend got the worst of it, as she reported being abused, sexually pressured, and even gaslighted. According to Amwe, Swimstrim abused drugs such as LSD and amphetamines, causing him to be even more insufferable.

Swimstrim cunningly tried to control the damage by preceding Amwe’s testimony with a stream of his own where he tried to “warn” his community that one of his former girlfriends is going to try to cancel him.

Luckily, Swimstrim’s tactic didn’t work at all, as Amwe had prepared a 43-page document where numerous other streamers shared their stories as well. This was followed by Twitter testimonies where content creators such as Silverfuse, who has previously worked together with Swimstrim, spoke about his demeanor.

Evil Geniuses Stood Up for What’s Right

Following the backlash, Evil Geniuses has decided to maintain its image and cut its ties with the problematic streamer. The organization announced that Swimstrim is no longer affiliated with it through a Twitter post on April 14.

Evil Geniuses said that it takes the allegations very seriously and after an internal investigation, the organization decided to remove Swimstrim.

Amwe and Silverfuse, two of Swimstrim’s victims, expressed their thanks toward Evil Geniuses’ management and its willingness to stand up for what’s right.

No Shame on Swimstrim’s Side

While Evil Geniuses takes the allegations seriously, Swimstrim, for one, doesn’t. Twitter user Zinful Dreams shared a screenshot that demonstrates the controversial content creator has no intentions of changing his behavior. The screengrab shows Swimstrim continues “being a creep” on Discord.

As of the time of this writing, the LOR streamer is yet to speak about the allegations and address his critics.

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