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Published: July 12, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Tournament series Red Bull Kumite will be hosting three fighting game tournaments near the end of 2021
  • They will take place in Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas on November 13 – 14
  • Red Bull Kumite will feature Street Fighter V and two other games that are yet to be announced

Red Bull Kumite will be giving the fans of three fighting games a chance to shine and a shot at its prize pool.

Red Bull Kumite Goes to Las Vegas

Red Bull-sponsored fighting game tournament series Red Bull Kumite will be hosting a big event this November. It will not host a Street Fighter V competition but will bring another two games to the fray and will provide fighting game fans with an exciting show. 

The event will take place in Las Vegas at the Ceasars Palace. This is big news as it will mark Red Bull Kumite’s expansion to the United States. The tournament has previously hosted events in Paris, Tokyo, and London, but Las Vegas will be a first. It will provide unique opportunities for the event to grow and for the popularization of fighting games as a whole.

Las Vegas has long been providing fertile soil for esports and esports gambling to grow. 

The Red Bull Kumite Will Feature Two Additional Games

The tournament is scheduled for November 13 and November 14. It will bring top fighting gamers from all over the world that will test their mettle in Street Fighter V: Champion edition. 

However, Kumite will spice up things a bit as it will also include two other competitive fighting video games. Kumite has been secretive and has been keeping the exact titles as a surprise to be revealed at a later date. 

Red Bull Kumite’s willingness to host more fighting games was teased in this year’s Kumite in London showcased the new Guilty Gear game: Guilty Gear Strive, before it was released later in June. However, in terms of competition, the London Kumite was all about Street Fighter. The Las Vegas edition is going to change things a bit. 

More news will be announced as the event approaches.

This year has been favorable to fighting game players and fans. Despite the postponement of the Twitch Rivals Mortal Kombat X Lives because of doxing issues, there has been some pretty positive news as well – this year’s Smash Summit has broken its personal prize record and will feature a prize pool that is almost as twice as big as its previous record.  

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