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Published: March 25, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Capcom announced a 2022 Pro Tour Pass coming to Street Fighter V on March 29
  • The new pass will have a price tag of $19.99 and will contain three new skins, cosmetics and a new map
  • Fans can purchase some of the items separately but this way they will miss out on 45 new costume variants for all characters

Capcom announced that a new Pro Tour Pass will be making its way into the game alongside the Definitive Update.

New Content to Be Released Alongside the Definitive Update

Just when people thought the Definitive Update was the last they would hear of Street Fighter V, Capcom proved them wrong. The company revealed that a new batch of content is coming to the game through the Capcom Pro Tour bundle.

The Pro Tour bundle includes various cosmetics, stages, and promotional in-game goodies for the players to enjoy. In a remotely similar fashion to Dota 2’s Supporters Club and Battle Passes, part of the proceeds from the Pro Tour bundles goes to support the esports scene.

This year’s bundle will include costumes for Akira, M. Bison, and Seth. Furthermore, a big nostalgia-based arena called Ring of Arcade is making its way into the game. The latter is a tribute to Capcom’s past games and includes numerous references to the company’s previous titles. Yuri Araujo, the developer’s senior social and community manager, challenged Capcom finds to try and find all of the hidden references.

Fans Can Get the Whole Bundle or Purchase Items Separately

Smaller cosmetics additions are also getting added to the game. Capcom will provide new color variants for the costumes of all characters – this means that purchasing the whole bundle will grant users access to 45 new individual alt costumes.

Those who get the Pro Tour bundle will also receive 10,000 Fight money, five fighter titles, and two fighter profile themes. The price of the whole bundle will be $19.99.

Those who are not interested in the whole bundle, can purchase the costumes for $5.99 each and get the map for $9.99. However, this means that they will miss out on the 45 costume variants, titles and themes as the latter cannot be purchased separately.

The new content will be released on the same date as the Definitive Update – March 29.

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