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Published: February 21, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Capcom has announced that it is working on two new fighting game releases
  • Street Fighter 6 was confirmed to be in the works, with the company promising to reveal more this summer
  • The Capcom Fighting Collection will be released in June, bringing back 10 classic Capcom games in HD

Capcom has announced that it is working on a new addition to the Street Fighter franchise as well as on an anthology of older games.

Capcom Confirmed the Development of Street Fighter 6

Capcom has made an exciting announcement for all fighting game enthusiasts – Street Fighter 6 is in the works and will continue the franchise’s legacy.

The announcement was made right after the end of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final which replaced this year’s Capcom Cup. During the four-day event, the best fighting game esports athletes clashed in a series of exhibition matches. Capcom wanted to keep the fighting hype going and announced the game’s next iteration right after the tournament was through.

The developers backed the announcement with a short teaser video that features Ryu and Luke as the two beloved characters prepare to clash. After Luke throws the first punch, the new game’s logo pops up, showing that Capcom has opted for a cleaner and more simplified look.

Despite Capcom still being sparing with the details, fans learned that Yusuke Hashimoto, a veteran in the industry, will be one of the project’s game designers.

Hashimoto is best known for working on Bayonetta 2 as the game’s character designer and director. His experience will be a valuable addition to the pool of talent working on the new Street Fighter title.

The Capcom Fighting Collection Will Go Live This Summer

The announcement of Street Fighter 6 was somewhat delayed, considering Capcom’s usual schedule. That sparked theories that the team behind the game was undergoing some major internal restructuring. To make up for the delay, the developer released a fifth DLC season for Street Fighter 5 in November 2021, refusing to allow content drought to creep into the franchise. 

Fighting game enthusiasts now have more than one title to look forward to. The Capcom Fighting Collection is an anthology of Capcom games that will be released this year. It will bring back 10 of the Capcom classics back, enhancing their graphics and allowing long-time fans to relieve their cherished memories. The collection will also include two Darkstalker games that were never before released in the West. The Capcom Fighting Collection is set to launch on June 24.

As for Street Fighter 6, no release date has been announced as of yet. However, Capcom promised fans that more news will be revealed in summer 2022.

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