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Published: August 19, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Twitch streamer xQc spoke about the recent surge in aspiring streamers
  • He said that not everyone would be able to make it big and advised people to have a backup plan
  • The streamer is disgruntled by the “follow your dreams” narrative gets people to be careless

Streamer xQc spoke about the realities of becoming a streamer, the high chances of failure, and the importance of a plan B. 

Not Everyone Makes it Big

As gaming grows in popularity, more and more people consider the career of a professional streamer. Because of that, prominent Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel gave harsh but realistic advice as he suggested that not everyone makes it, and therefore, people should always have a plan B. 

XQc’s advice came from a stream where he spoke directly to his viewers. Although many people would have been unhappy to hear it, the content creator gave his honest opinion on the matter of becoming a streamer: not everybody succeeds.

XQc is happy that he made it but reminded that not everyone would. Although there is nothing wrong with following your dreams, a lot of people have too high expectations.

The content creator also said that a lot of people get inspired by other streamers and try to blindly repeat the same thing, failing as a result.  

“Like I ‘made it, or whatever, right so, of course, I’m like ‘yeah man, just follow your goals lol,’ but that’s not true though. You can’t follow what I say blindly,” xQc passionately explained. 

As Many Will Fail, It Is Crucial to Have a Backup Plan

Langyel proceeded to talk about how “ninety-nine point whatever percent” of people are not able to compete on the market. He elaborated that this does not only apply to streaming but is a universal truth of life – most people fail, regardless if they have “crazy business ideas, business ventures or plans.”

The streamer said that this doesn’t mean everyone will fail, but those who want to succeed should proceed carefully about it. XQc condemned people who dive headfirst into something without having clear ideas and, most importantly, without having a backup plan. He said that if everyone was so incautious in major life decisions, there would be a lot of broken-down people who fail and find themselves in a helpless situation. 

XQc is concerned that the “follow your dreams” narrative, while inspirational, may push people down the path of carelessness and short-sightedness.

The streamer asked his viewers to be careful, realistic, make well-thought-out decisions, and always have a backup plan. 

Despite Twitch being a platform watched by millions of people, the reality is that the professional gaming market is highly competitive, as evidenced not only by xQc but by many other people in the industry as well. With an oversaturation of supply, it is truly important that an aspiring streamer should have both a clear vision and a plan B. 

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