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Published: September 27, 2021

Written by: David

  • Yet another big WoW content creator is leaving the game
  • The streamer shares his first impressions of FFXIV
  • His feelings are mixed yet he is hopeful for the game

Popular streamer Preach Gaming is one of the many Twitch and YouTube content creators who are quitting World of Warcraft in favor of Final Fantasy XIV.

Preach Gaming Bids WoW Goodbye

For some time now, WoW’s popularity has been in decline, with the recent spate of sexual harassment scandals affecting Blizzard not helping at all. Popular faces in the community are leaving the game in favor of other content.

Even Asmongold, the biggest World of Warcraft streamer on Twitch, has moved on to Final Fantasy XIV and has not looked back ever since. He tried to return to the game a week ago, but ended up with a bitter after taste characterizing the experience as “plain boring.”

Popular streamer Preach Gaming is but one of the many leaving the game. He recently started his journey in Eorzea and after his first eight hours of the game, he wanted to share his thoughts.

What Preach Liked About FFXIV

Although Preach’s feelings on FFXIV are mixed after the first eight hours of gameplay, he did start listing the good things about the game.

Preach started with questing, saying it was much better than what World of Warcraft had to offer. He added that the main story is easier to follow and it feels like your character is taking part in something eventful.

He added that like many MMOs, FFXIV also has the trope of “the champion,” something that is almost turned into a cliché by MMOs at this point. However, the stories are self-contained in little scenarios happening across different areas, which aids in understanding what’s going on in that zone.

What Does Preach Dislike About the Game?

Unfortunately, like almost everything, FFXIV also has its downsides. According to Preach, he had some serious problems with the fetch quests. He said the game is still another MMO with the somewhat infamous “gather five things of this or that” quest being a staple feature.

The streamer said that most RPGs in recent years have moved away from the somewhat antiquated system of fetch quests. However, this feature seems to still persist with FFXIV.

Preach did, however, say that at least these quests are implemented with a twist. A player does not need to go to an NPC to get such a task. Instead, the player simply gets a prompt above the mobs’ heads which signifies they are a target for a quest. After the player deals with the mobs, the game automatically auto-completes that quest for them.

Finally, Preach commented on the game’s combat, saying it was awful. “The story that’s going on is great, the actual gameplay involved in it is really awful, and I cannot wait for that to change at some point.”

It remains to see what Preach will say about the game the further he progresses.

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