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Published: March 3, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Valve developer Lawrence Yang spoke about the Steam Deck with IGN interviewers
  • He revealed that the company has struggled to keep up with the high demand but expects production to pick up speed
  • Yang refused to share what the exact number of Steam Deck orders is but implied that Valve is very happy with it

Lawrence Yang, a Valve developer, has promised that the company will focus its efforts on producing more Steam Decks.

Production Will Speed Up

Steam Deck, Valve’s portable console for PC games, has enjoyed great interest. In fact, so great that supply doesn’t quite manage to fit the high demands of gaming fans. Gamers should worry not about getting their own copy, though, as Valve announced that it will be doubling down on its production efforts.

Lawrence Yang, a designer for Valve, spoke with IGN. He confirmed that there is still a shortage of parts because of issues with the supply chain but added that the company is surmounting them. He said that now that the console has been released on the market, production speed should start ramping up.

Yang teased that he expects production to go up to tens of thousands in the first month and hundreds of thousands in the second and beyond.

Valve Is Very Happy with the Product

The interviewer then moved on to ask about how large the Steam Deck demand is, trying to get an exact number of orders. Sadly, Yang wasn’t authorized to speak about the company statistics, saying that he can’t disclose a number. Still, he vaguely explained that the number of reservations has been more than satisfactory.

“We’re really happy with the numbers we’ve gotten on reservations, especially given that a lot of the reservations people are putting in right now are, you know, there is not very much information about when they will get it, so it’s great to see that the demand is there. It has helped us to determine our production schedules, to meet demand, especially as we span to other regions,” Yang said.

Speaking about shipments, the developer said that as of now, he can’t really give a precise date as much as a “ship window.” He promised that more information will come soon. The initial shipment date for the early birds was February 28 and many gamers have already gotten their copy of the console. Some lucky ones even got Gabe Newell to deliver their copy himself.

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