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Published: October 21, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Twitch streamer Fuslie bet $5,000 that her teammate NoahJ456 couldn’t win against five opponents
  • The player prevailed despite the stacked odds and won the money
  • The $5,000 will be donated to a breast cancer research charity that Fuslie took a part in

Fuslie bet $5,000 that NoahJ456 couldn’t win against 5 enemies. He happily proved her wrong. 

Fuslie Bet $5,000 Against Her Teammate

Twitch content creator Leslie “Fuslie” Fu has lost a $5,000 bet as NoahJ456 defied all odds and defeated five opponents in a VALORANT match, all by himself. The spectacular play was captured on-screen during Fuslie’s stream.

The exceptional happening occurred two days ago during a breast cancer research support charity initiative that Fuslie was taking a part in. Fuslie was playing alongside NoahJ456 in VALORANT when in a quite unfortunate game on Split, everyone on the team but Noah ended up dying. This left the player alone against five opponents.

Fuslie jokingly turned to her teammate with the words:

“500 gifted subs if you clutch this, plus $5,000 dollars,” she said and laughed, doubting NoajJ456 could possibly pull it off.

Noah didn’t have a stream on his own to take the gifted subs but he definitely was on board with the $5,000 bet.

Noah Prevailed Against All Odds

Soon after the bet, Noah downed his first opponent, increasing his chances of success. The odds were still stacked against him but he was onto something. Noah continued playing strategically and killed the next enemy he encountered within milliseconds. The professional player planted the spike and waited for the remaining opponents.

Fuslie saw that things might not go her way and started to jokingly distract her teammate by asking him about his day and what he ate for lunch. Noah, however, was having none of this as he was way too focused on the prospects of getting some easy $5,000. Seconds later he eliminated the third opponent, leaving the odds at 1v2.

Noah proceeded to cleverly blind the fourth opponent, after which he easily eliminated him and soon after fell the last of the bunch. The player succeeded against all odds and earned himself the $5,000.

Noah teased Fuslie by asking what he should buy with the money from the bet. Fuslie proposed to have the money donated to the breast cancer research cause in Noah’s name, to which he happily agreed.

In the end, Fuslie had gathered over $55,000 from the stream which will eventually fund the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s operations.

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