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Published: October 30, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • League of Legends has a new anti-ping spamming mechanic
  • This could have a negative impact on solo queue players to communicate with their team
  • Many want Riot Games to revert this change

League of Legends’s Patch 13.21 arrived with an unannounced change that hinders players from using the ping too often, which could have huge consequences on solo players, who rely on the feature for communication.

Players Discuss New Pinging

As every player knows, communication in a team game is one of the biggest factors in winning it. Unfortunately for many League of Legends players, changes in the recent Patch 13.21 have made communication much more difficult for solo queues, resulting in many matches being lost.

It seems that despite Riot Games often being very thorough with their patch notes, this time the company has either failed to or intentionally decided to omit one very important change. Players are now unable to ping very often, which could result in a diminished capability of solo players to communicate with their teams.

The issue was raised by a player on the LoL subreddit, who complained they were unable to set pings for a period of about 60 to as long as 120 seconds. “I guess an anti-pingspam mechnaic was implemented here. So as a support main, who pings a lot, that amount of time is so huge that it negatively impacts the entire team and game,” the player explained.

Pinging is the fastest way to communicate with your team if you are a solo player because if you were playing with friends, you would likely be in voice chat, which naturally makes things much easier. However, many players are solo queuers and are used to pinging their teammates. Subsequently, this latest change will negatively affect their ability to communicate with the team.

Fans Want Change to Be Reverted

Many players seem to agree with the OP’s post, saying Riot just nerfed a substantial part of solo queuers’ ability to play. “Pinging is literally what got me from silver to plat. Especially in lower elos, you can gain a ton of easy lp just by watching the map and spam pinging On my way! and danger. Punishing people who shotcall is such a bad change.” One player wrote.

Another fan explained that ping spamming is not a big deal, as players could just mute an annoying teammate, therefore the new change is not useful at all. “It’s still so weird to me that they keep taking away pings. You are literally able to fully mute a player’s pings with one simple click,” they wrote.

Patch 13.21 changed many champions, as it is customary for such big LoL updates and Riot Games was quite thorough in announcing beforehand what these changes would be. However, the ping restrictions still took many players by surprise and it seems a lot of them are unhappy with the unannounced change.

It is still unknown if Riot Games will listen to the feedback fans are currently giving and revert the change.

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