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Published: September 7, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Shroud explains what made him drop professional CS:GO and start streaming
  • The game is just a stepping stone in his expansion into the battle royal genre
  • The pro shares some opinions on how the game may be improved

The FPS streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek started his career as a Counter-Strike pro, but what made him switch careers: PUBG. 

The Pro Shares What Attracted Him to PUBG

Shroud’s impressive resume includes a four-year-long career as a CS:GO pro and a part of renowned rosters such as compLexity, Manajuma, and Cloud9. He is currently a popular Twitch streamer, so many newer fans might not know his Counter-Strike roots play a large part in his rise to FPS professionalism. 

However, in a recent stream, he revealed why he got hooked on PUBG and how that helped him transition from professional esports to a more casual style of just streaming. 

While talking with his chat, Shroud ended up on the topic of PUBG and how the battle royal phenomenon helped him switch careers from CS pro to twitch streamer. He stated that he picked up PUBG while on a break from CS:GO, which gave him a new way of looking at things. He said that after some time, he realized that he wanted to do something else, exclaiming, “Holy f**k, I really just wanna stream.”

As the conversation went along, Shroud explained what exactly lured him to the game, and it has to do a lot with the mechanics. He stated that, as weird as it seems, the games are actually rather similar in a few aspects. He explained that both CS:GO and PUBG have similar ADS and shooting mechanics and that he enjoyed learning the spray patterns of the weapons, bullet lead, bullet drop – all features he really liked in CS:GO as well. 

PUBG Was Just a Stepping Stone for Him

In that Twitch stream, Shroud also addressed some of PUBG’s flaws and why he is moving on to other battle royals. “The movement was awful,” he said in a joking manner, “PUBG’s movement was always awful, but the gunplay felt good. Real good.”

Some other reasons why he stopped playing the game was that it seemed to lack depth. On stream, he vented about the repetitive gameplay, saying, “This is how my PUBG experience usually goes: The first few games are actually pretty fun. Then this happens for the next 10. It just spawn, get a kill, die, spawn, get a kill, dies. It doesn’t matter where I go.”

However, he stated that he might return to PUBG if a sequel were to happen sometime, as teased by the developers. Despite his criticism, he still occasionally enjoys the game and would like to see improvements and more community involvement, saying, “It runs well, it looks good, it feels good. Now, if you just give people the tools, it can be quite literally turned into any game. I think it’d be a lot of fun.”

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