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Published: December 6, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • xQc’s fans raid Shroud’s chat
  • This prompts discussion about xQc’s massive Twitch following
  • Shroud says xQc is currently Twitch’s “kingpin”

Popular streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek praised Felix “xQc” Lengyel, saying he is the current “kingpin” of Twitch.

xQc’s Massive Popularity

Twitch viewers have always tried to size up content creators, comparing them to one another, in an effort to figure out who is the top dog. There are as many measuring methods as there are streamers, but one solid indicator for popularity is followers count, with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins being currently on top with over 17 million followers.

Following Ninja, many would point out Brazillian CS:GO personality Gaules, or Spanish streamer Ibai, or Overwatch star xQc. Some other big streamers have recognized xQc for his versatile content. This includes fellow Canadian streamer Shroud.

On December 4, the Canadian CS:GO pro was watching the Valorant Champions event on stream along with a few friends. However, he noticed that his chat was being overrun with xQc emotes. One of Shroud’s friends, Justin “just9n” Ortiz exclaimed “Is everybody on Twitch subbed to xQc?”, before pointing out that he has more people in Shroud’s chat than Shroud has subscribers in total.

Shroud Praises xQc

After just9n’s exclamation, a short conversation followed, where the participants speculated on how large xQc’s following is. “Doesn’t he have like a 120 thousand subs?”, Shroud asked his friend. He’s the f**king kingpin baby! Bananas,” exclaimed the Canadian streamer.

According to Twitch Tracker, xQc is at over 88 000 subs, at the time of writing of this article. He leads the next most subbed streamer Kkatamina by over 15 000.

Later on, one of Shroud’s viewers pointed out that xQc is probably making around $500,000 a month just off subs alone. Shroud made a cheeky remark on that observation, saying “Hey, that McLaren has got to get paid off somehow, you know what I’m saying!”, referencing the McLaren 720s Spider xQc recently purchased.

Both Shroud and xQc have talked about each other on streams and seem to be fans of one another, so there is the possibility they might link up for games together in the future.

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