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Published: June 14, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Husband and wife duo the Baltazars have opened a new game development lab in Longview
  • The Sadicon Labs will offer courses in 3D game development and virtual reality 
  • The Baltazars believe that there is a lack of an esports ecosystem in East Texas and strife to change that

Sadicon Labs is a new private game development lab for high schoolers and college students that have opened in Longview, Texas.

Teaching Kids Game Development

With the rise of gaming and gamificationDiego and Sabrina Baltazar will be running a new game development lab in Longview, Texas. It will be called Sadicon Labs and is oriented towards high schoolers and college students who envision one day working in the video game industry. 

The Baltazars are a husband and wife duo, both of who are well-versed in IT. Diego Baltazar has years of experience with tech and is the founder and chief executive of Sadi Esports. Sabrina Baltazar is a talent acquisition specialist and will take the role of human resources in Sadicon Labs. The two of them formerly lived in Houston but moved to Longview, where they continue to practice IT along with opening Sadicon Labs. 

Diego shared in an interview that he wishes to contribute to the community and impact it in a positive way. He revealed he got into game development around two years ago. Since then, he’s been trying to get the most of his IT proficiency and combine it with his enthusiasm for video games and game development. Diego believes there’s been a lack of a video-game-oriented ecosystem for children in Texas despite there being a demand. 

Sadi Esports and Sadicon Labs are looking to change that. 

Sadicon Labs’ Approach

Sadicon Labs’ courses reflect Diego’s passions. Currently, there are two of them: 

  • An introductory course in 3D game development course that is four-week long 
  • An advanced course in 3D game development and virtual reality that is twelve weeks long

Despite the pandemic, the Baltazars preferred to go for establishing a well-equipped classroom instead of hosting everything online, as many others do. 

The company is currently developing a curriculum for junior high students as there has been a demand from parents of younger children. 

Sadicon Labs is situated on 3122 Nealy Way, Suite 210, in Work Smart for anyone interested in benefitting from their courses. 

As video games and esports have grown into a global form of entertainment, sometimes people are tempted to only look at the bigger picture, the trendy news, and multi-million deals that are being signed every single day. However, it is good to see smaller companies such as Sadicon Labs offering their unique input to the world of gaming. 

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