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Published: June 14, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The company released a short cryptic trailer featuring Killjoy and Raze
  • It shows the former’s tablet being hacked by an unknown entity that reveals new map names
  • Leaks also suggest the company will reveal a new agent tomorrow

An intriguing new trailer seems to shed some new light on VALORANT’s much-anticipated Team Death Match mode and some possibly revamped maps.

Riot Drops New Trailer

VALORANT’s new season is drawing neat and Riot Games have been teasing the upcoming content. On June 14, the company released a trailer to stir the fandom’s anticipation for a new agent and a whole new game mode that will soon be arriving with the game’s Episode Seven later this month.

The trailer in question shows Killjoy and Raze engrossed in fixing the Boom Bot. However, the latter’s diagnostics tablet, which she left in the foreground with the screen facing the viewer, seems to get hacked as the trailer goes on. It seems that the intruder has much to show as the screen flickers red.

As the tablet gets hacked, its screen shows blueprints of a few existing VALORANT maps on view. However, it seems that the hacker is “renaming” them as each of their names transitions into a new title. Ascent becomes “Plazza”, Split becomes “District”, and Bind becomes “Kasbah”, all while Killjoy and Raze seem to be unaware of what’s happening. 

Only towards the end of the trailer, Killjoy senses something is wrong, but as she turns around, the tablet’s screen goes back to normal. However, as she turns around, the tablet’s screen once again turns red, with the infiltrating program showing the cryptic message “Execute R.V.N.G. Program // (Y/N)?”.

What Could the Trailer Mean?

It was a short trailer that does not give us much to work with, which is probably what Riot was planning. However, we can ascertain that the changes to map names indicated the features of the upcoming Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode, with its speculative name of “HURM”. Riot has been planning to add such a mode for quite some time now. On June 5, the company’s Andy Ho confirmed that TDM will feature “maps built specifically for the mode”, with said maps likely being the ones that the “hacker” from the trailer renamed.

It’s unknown if the new game mode will feature just these three maps (if these are even going to be part of a TDM), but some other clues point towards something that might give us a final answer. Sources of prominent VALORANT leaker Mike have indicated that a new trailer with the name “LET THE GAMES BEGIN” will drop tomorrow and will focus on TDM, giving us more detailed information on the matter.

However, Mike’s sources also indicate that the new trailer might also feature a new agent, possibly the unknown entity behind the hacking. One speculation is that they might be Killjoy’s Omega Earth counterpart, as they seem to be somewhat vengeful and also just as adept in cyber security as Killjoy is. 

Let’s hope that tomorrow’s trailer would reveal more intriguing information about VALORANT’s new season, which releases on June 27.

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