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Published: March 9, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The gaming company Ubisoft and the charity SpecialEffect will partner for the next year
  • SpecialEffect aims to raise awareness for physically disabled gamers and improve their gaming experience
  • The two organizations’ first collaborated event will be the Rainbow Six Siege U.K. Ireland National

Ubisoft and SpecialEffect have announced they will be partnering for various events this year, with Rainbow Six Siege UKIN being the first of many to come. 

Ubisoft to Support SpecialEffect’s Aims

This Monday, French gaming company Ubisoft announced a collaboration with the British charity SpecialEffect. The partnership is currently set to last a year. The first event the two organizations will see as partners will be Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege U.K. Ireland Nation esports league. 

SpecialEffect is a charity created in 2007 in the United Kingdom. It defines itself as “The gamer’s charity” and, as the motto implies, is oriented towards gamers with disabilities. SpecialEffect aims to help such people by dramatically improving their experience by helping them surmount their physical conditions. This is done with custom-shaped controllers, voice and audio control, and the like. 

SpecialEffect believes helping people by improving their playtime not only makes them happy but helps them feel closer with their friends and family.

As mentioned, Ubisoft and SpecialEffect will stand shoulder to shoulder for at least a year. Their combined efforts will first be oriented towards the UKIN esports league. 

The UKIN League Roadmap

The UKIN Premier Division is nearing its finale this March 11. The four topmost teams will continue on to the Spring Finals, where eight teams will fight over a $35 000 prize pool. Major competitors Cowana Gaming and Natus Vincere will be present at the event. 

The spring season will then give place to the summer, where the top six teams will again fight among themselves for a shot at a spot in the 2021 Challenger League. The bottom teams will have to step down continue in the second division.

Ubisoft seems committed to helping smaller players. Other than their cooperation with SpecialEffect for helping people with disabilities, Ubisoft will also be hosting the Second Division program for UKIN, where local teams will be granted the opportunity to prove themselves. The best of the best will be given a chance to advance to Premier Division.

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