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Published: March 12, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Rainbow Six Siege team Rogue is changing members after a terrible performance in Stage 2 of the European League
  • Player cryn will replace karzheka, and meepeY will take a role as a coach
  • The team is optimistic about the new lineup

After disheartening results during the R6 EUL stage 2, team Rogue is making changes in the hope of getting back in shape. 

Team Rogue Finds Both a New Member and A Coach 

Team Rogue went through a bad time at the second stage of the European Rainbow Six Siege League. They ended with a final result of 0-0-9 and just barely stayed in the league after winning a tiring relegation match against MnM Gaming

Now the team is trying their best to get back in shape, so the players never have to go through such a disastrous result ever again. In the hope of achieving that, they announced two major changes.

First of all, Rogue will drop Eugene “karzheka” Petrishin from the team. The Estonian player has performed great in the past – as a former part of Team Empire, and he was on the first lines when they took down G2. At that time, this was a major victory as G2 was a dominant force. 

However, it seems like the guys from Rogue are looking for a change of pace. German player Pascal “cryn” Alouane will take karzheka’s seat. He has previously played with Chaos EC and G2. 

The second change will be the acquisition of a new coach. Rogue will welcome Matthew “meepeY” Sharples as a new mentor to its players. MeepeY has experience as both a player and a coach. He used to play for Team Secret and has mentored eUnited. Sharples would have been a coach in Altiora for the Six Invitational 2021 as well, but the event was delayed.  

Specifically, Rogue has dropped Raleigh Major 2019 champion karzheka and added cryn, the organization announced today. MeepeY will join the team as a coach, too.

Rogue seems fidgety to not repeat the same shameful 0-0-9 result again. This grandiose defeat was partially due to their team member Maurice “Aceez” Erkelenz receiving a three-game-long ban for leaking sensitive insider information. Otherwise, they may have done better at Stage 2.

Team Rogue has both skilled members (korey, ripz, and Leon, in addition to the aforementioned cry and Aceez) and the necessary budget to pull themselves back up. Back in EUL Stage 1 and Pro League Season 11, they finished first, which leaves no doubt that the nil-nil-nine score was a one-time thing due to unfavorable circumstances. 

Now that Aceez is back and cryn has joined, the team is ready to get back on track.

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