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Published: September 27, 2021

Written by: David

  • The female-oriented R6 league has cut tires with one of its sponsors
  • This happened following questionable remarks from the sponsors’ COO
  • Project Eris acquired the necessary funds to continue the season through a crowdfunding campaign

Project Eris has cut its ties with Slaughter House Esports and has instead procured funds through a crowdfunding round.

Rainbow Six Females League Cuts Ties With Sponsor

Female-exclusive Rainbow Six Siege league Project Eris has decided to cut ties with its sponsor Slaughter House Esports because of moral disagreement. The main reason is the sponsor’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Beau ‘TEXN’ Davies, who was vocally supporting Texas’ abortion ban and the restriction of LGBT+ rights on Twitter.

As a league oriented toward women, Project Eris decided that its sponsor’s beliefs don’t sit well with the message it’s trying to send. Project Eris proceeded to remove all SH Esports branding from its platforms, effectively announcing the end of the partnership.

Eris’ co-founder Kyndal “Astraea” Brizendine spoke on the decision:

“My team and I felt it was best if we parted ways due to our morals & values tied to who we are as an entity.”

Astraea added that she envisions Project Eris as a safe space for both women and marginalized genders. She mentioned that the league’s community has members of the LGBT+ and that Project Eris isn’t simply going to leave these people behind.

The roster SH Esports had gotten for this year’s season of the league also wasn’t happy with TEXN’s remarks and cut ties with the organization, continuing to play as an independent team by the name “Jarrison Fan Club”.

As a result of Project Eris’ decision, SH Esports canceled its scheduled $1,500 sponsorship. SH Esports is largely responsible for Project Eris’ early stages and still holds the league’s money. According to a Dexerto report, SH Esports promised it will be transferring any other held funds other than the last $1500 payment.

Project Eris Appeals to its Fans for Help

Although Project Eris didn’t regret its decision to cut ties with its sponsors its plans were now undermined. One of the league’s other sponsors, the Rainbow Six Siege caster and former coach Jessica ‘JessGOAT’ Bolden, explained that Eris had three options:

  • To reduce the prize pool of its event
  • To have JessGOAT fill in the gap from her own pocket
  • To run a crowdfunding campaign

The women’s league decided to try out the crowdfunding approach with a GoFundMe campaign. To the utmost happiness of everyone involved, Project Eris raised all the money it needed – and more – in less than an hour. The league’s funding round ended up yielding $1,695 which was more than enough.

Both in an interview with Dexerto and on Twitter, Astraea thanked everyone who took part in the funding campaign either by sharing it or donating.

 “Everyone on staff is insanely thankful for the community outreach and those who have stepped forward to assist us in recovering funds promised by SH,” she said.

Astraea vowed to continue standing with and by not only her team but all those who look to Project Eris for a home. Lastly, she teased that the league has big things in store for 2022.

Project Eris’ 2021 season just entered its fifth week. It is scheduled to have its grand finals on October 31 so supporters of the league’s cause should lookout for it.

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