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Published: June 17, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Aim Lab has been named official partner of R6 esports
  • The training platform will run Aim Lab Combine, which will assess players’ skills
  • Players have unique opportunities to grab some weapon skins for two R6 characters

Aim Lab strengthens ties with Ubisoft by getting named Rainbow Six Siege’s official esports training software. 

Aim Lab Becomes R6 Esports Partner

Aim Lab has been the official partner of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for a while but has now deepened those ties as it signed an additional partnership with game developer Ubisoft. The deal recognizes the aim training software as the official skill development platform of the game’s esports scene as well.

Aim Lab launched the Aim Lab Skill Combine yesterday. It will last until the end of the month and will assess six of the players’ skills. The skills will be divided into two leaderboards: one state-specific and one overall leaderboard. Moreover, users will have the opportunity to get their hand on some exclusive AUG-A2 skins for the IQ and Wamai characters in Rainbow Six Siege. 

The Aim Lab aims to boost players’ skills by polishing their skills to use mechanics in firefights, get into heated situations, master their trigger and recoil control, crosshair placement, and scanning. 

Aim Lab’s founder, Wayne Mackey, is flattered by the recognition by Ubisoft. 

“We are excited to partner with Rainbow Six Esports to develop the training programs and advanced analytics the league and teams need to identify and develop future pro players. The Aim Lab Combine is only the first step.”

A Multi-Year Deal With Various Activations

By becoming Rainbow Six Siege esports’ official skill training platform, Aim Lab will be featured at various Ubisoft-sponsored events like the Six Invitational and the Majors. As of the second year of the multi-year agreement, Aim Lab player stats will be included in the esports events’ broadcasts. 

With time the partnership will unfold even more and will include more features. However, Aim Lab and Ubisoft have preferred to keep players excited by not revealing everything at once. 

Aim Lab is created by a skilled team of neuroscientists. It currently has around 15 million users, which will likely increase as the platform expands with partnerships with various teams and games. One of the strengths of Aim Lab is its versatility – it can be used for training aiming skills in multiple first-person shooter games. Aim Lab is also used as a training platform for VALORANT players as of recently. 

Aim Lab was recently partnered by the DarkZero Esports and became the esports organization’s official training partner. In that deal, Aim Lab agreed to create a custom-tailored training course for DarkZero’s players. 

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