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Published: September 6, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Ubisoft has acknowledged the growing problem of AFKing in Rainbow Six Siege and will now provide solutions
  • The company will have to balance between discriminating against low-skilled players and those using fraudulent practices to rank up
  • Players are hoping for Ubisoft to implement the necessary measures to target just those skills abusing the game’s ranking system

Ubisoft has acknowledged the problem of AFKing in Rainbow Six Siege, with the company now vowing to deliver a swift solution. 

No More AFKing in Rainbow Six Siege Games 

Ubisoft is going to step up its efforts and put a crackdown on players who have been abusing AFK practices to accumulate points and advance their ranking without actively engaging in games. The company is currently in the process of introducing automatic AFK detections as well as penalties for such practices. 

Ubisoft is adamant in its stance, and it will not tolerate players who are actively degrading the experience for the rest of the community, the company’s update stated. The types of punishment meted out to players will be determined as the company evaluates its strategy towards the behavior in the coming weeks. 

Ubisoft to Take Action in Coming Weeks  

While a mild issue at first, AFK farming is becoming a red flag for the Rainbow Six Siege community with enough players trying to get away with ranking without actually contributing anything to the game. Players actually move their characters through third-party software, such as bots, to trick the game into thinking that it’s an active player.

Even simulating a nominal activity can fetch players various rewards in the form of experience, Renown, and other in-game goods. Sometimes players are going to end up on a strong team that can “carry” them through a win without “AFKers” actively contributing. 

The trend has become noticeable enough for the community to be constantly raising complaints with Ubisoft, which will now clamp down on these “grinding” tactics. Ubisoft has designed the game to reward players with Renown and other in-game currencies even if a player is not very skilled, so the company will now have to determine how it can kick the AFKers without actually discouraging less-skilled players from engaging.

The company, though, seems confident that it can take on the issue and challenge “cheaters” in a way that allows Ubisoft to separate the wheat from the AFK chaff. A quick resolution would be much welcome by the community.  

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