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Published: September 23, 2021

Written by: David

  • TSM picked Twitch streamer QTCinderella as a content creator
  • Besides live streaming games, QTCinderella has incredible baking skills and she often bakes for her friends or other streamers
  • QTCinderella has nearly half a million subscribers on Twitch

Team SoloMid announced that it appointed Twitch streamer QTCinderella as a content creator. Besides streaming video games, QTCinderella has impressive baking skills which she shows within live baking streams.

QTCinderella Is Now a Part of TSM

Famous Twitch streamer QTCinderella joined the US professional esports organization Team SoloMid (TSM). As a part of TSM, QTCinderella will serve as a content creator. A video posted on YouTube by TSM celebrates the news. In the video, QTCinderella revealed that video games have been a part of her whole life. Although this has made her competitive, she revealed that she struggled to fit in. QTCinderella outlined that doing everything with passion helped her significantly. She always strived to do her best even for things that are new to her. Collaborating with the community helped QTCinderella and “made it all worthwhile.”

When asked why she chose TSM, QTCinderella responded the team was the reason she “became a nerd.” She said that before playing League of Legends, she used to watch TSM and go to events to support them. Then, QTCinderella said that after watching for a while, she decided to play the game herself which resulted in her falling in love with the team and the sport. She deemed TSM as her dream. QTCinderella did not miss saying that she was in love with TSM’s Bjergsen. However, when asked to choose between Bjergsen and her current date Ludwig, she picked Ludwig.

Besides being a gaming streamer, QTCinderella had a career as a professional baker. She continues to bake for her friends and other streamers. When asked what her favorite thing to bake is, she responded that it’s whatever favorite thing of a certain person in the room is. QTCinderella explained that the reason she bakes is that it makes other people feel better. Additionally, she also does live baking streams.

Currently, on YouTube, QTCinderella has more than 217,000 subscribers and her videos have more than 31 million views. On Twitter, her followers are even more as she has 226,100 followers. Last but not least, QTCinderella has more than 458,000 followers on Twitch.

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