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Published: June 1, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Revenant Esports brings back PUBG roster as the game is preparing to relaunch under Battlegrounds Mobile
  • The organization wants to set a quick pace of competitive PUBG play back in the country
  • India will become a self-contained Battlegrounds Mobile ecosystem so as to avoid future suspensions of service

As Battlegrounds Mobile is launching in India later this month, Revenant Esports has already announced their roster that will aim to play competitively.

Revenant Esports Restart Competitive PUBG Roster

Battlegrounds Mobile India is officially launching in the country as the successor of PUBG Mobile, which withdrew from the country last year amid a brief geopolitical tension with China, prompting KRAFTON to withdraw its game and think of new ways back. Well, now that political tensions have been put to rest, the game’s new iteration is returning and it is designed as a stand-alone version of the original and specifically tailored to the needs of the Indian market.

Effectively, India will become its own Battlegrounds Mobile ecosystem, but this is okay because tournament organizers and esports teams are already jumping at the opportunity to join in. Revenant Esports has become the latest team to reveal its roster of players that will be competing across the entire ecosystem.

At its peak, PUBG Mobile must have had at least 50 million users from India. In light of this, arguing that India will be sufficient in this self-contained competitive ecosystem is not too difficult. Revenant Esports is tapping into trusted players, including:

  • Parichay “Paradox” Bansal
  • Rishabh “Encore” Katoch
  • Sujoy “AustinX” Das
  • Ankit “TopDawg” Mehra

Resuscitating the roster is not a chance event or an attempt to ride on the crest of Battlegrounds Mobile’s popularity. Revenant Esports founder and CEO Rohit N Jagasia confirmed that the team will be pushing to aggressively establish a name for itself in the rapidly-developing esports ecosystem.

India’s PUBG Mobile Scene to Be Busy

This sentiment is shared by players who are similarly looking to go a long way in the PUBG Mobile overhaul. Revenant Esports started out as an organization not unlike Geek Fam, a Southeast Asia esports powerhouse, that prioritized community-building as a way forward for esports.

Revenant quickly showed a knack for PUBG Mobile and won 3rd place in the PMPL 2020 tournament. Moving forward, Revenant wants to use the return of PUBG Mobile to set the pace for the competitive scene in India.

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