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Published: May 11, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • PUBG players will be able to access McLaren 570s skins to pimp up their battleground experience
  • The British carmaker is adding six digital skins to the popular battle royale game with Patch 1.4
  • PUBG has negotiated several high-profile partnerships, including one featuring a Godzilla vs. Kong event

McLaren 570s will now drive in the dirt of PUBG: Mobile’s battlegrounds as players vie to secure a victory in pimped-up rides, starting today. 

Sports Cars Arrive in PUBG with Patch 1.4

The McLaren 570 is now available in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Mobile as the latest activation negotiated by Krafton and a high-profile luxury company. The British automotive carmaker will debut digital models and skins of its cars in the epic battle royale game.

There will be a total of six skins to explore as part of the new experience, with fans already too eager for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the animated rig and give the gas pedal a proper pump. The six skins featured are:

  • Raspberry
  • Glory White
  • Royal Black
  • Pearlescent
  • Zenith Black
  • Lunar White

The cars will be usable in the game and can be deployed in battle, albeit with the small drawback that the vehicles are two-seaters, which means that your squad will have to commandeer at least two McLarens to get around in full force. 

Many Cool PUBG Activations to Speak Of

PUBG: Mobile has been known for its various collaborative efforts with various car and motor makers. Last year, Krafton teamed up with Yamaha to introduce the MWT-9 and T7 skins to the game, which provide immediate success.

In the meantime, Tencent, which has a stake in Krafton, revealed that the company is teaming up with Godzilla vs. Kong, the latest big-screen iteration of the epic battle between the two nemeses, and as a result, there will be various models and events added to PUBG: Mobile.

In fact, Mechagodzilla, Kong, and Godzilla will all descent upon some of the most popular PUBG maps, such as Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok, and wreak havoc to all and sundry. In the meantime, India will see a new iteration of the game, now dubbed Battlegrounds Mobile.

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