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Published: April 26, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • A Godzilla vs. Kong event is coming to PUBG as telltale props in the game have teased 
  • The two monsters will officially appear in the game as fearsome enemies
  • Other beasts will also be implemented in the game and will be killable by the players

The two kaiju from the popular MonsterVerse will wreak havoc in Erangel and Sanhok starting May 11. 

The Gargantuan Monsters Arrive in May

Godzilla and Kong are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile in a collaborative event with MonsterVerse’s most recent movie. The event has been teased to players by telltale props in the game such as unnatural footprints, claw marks, and unusual skeletal remains. 

Tencent tweeted that the event will be starting on May 11.

In a beta version, players already encountered the gargantuan beasts and got the gist of what’s to come: Godzilla will be bringing ruin on Erangel, and Kong will be wreaking havoc on Sanhok. Both will be visible on the mini-map as players descent from the sky at the start of the match. 

The two kaiju will be immune to bullets and will level anything standing in their path: be it buildings, environment props, or players. However, they will add some useful mechanics as well: for example, Kong will drop crystals behind itself that can be collected by the players and used for a speed buff. 

Other MonsterVerse beasts are also on the way. They will differ from Godzilla and Kong and will be killable by the players. 

Further details will be announced as the event approaches. 

PUBG Mobile continues to grow steadily and adds some new content designed to grow interest rates. The game recently topped a billion downloads and held a huge party for its anniversary that brought some big names in contemporary music to the game. Moreover, PUBG Mobile grossed $240 million in March and will likely continue growing. 

The upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong event attests to the developers’ goal of providing players with more fresh, exciting, and trendy content. 

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