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Published: September 30, 2021

Written by: David

  • PS5 has sold its millionth copy on the United Kingdom console market
  • It has done so three weeks quicker than the PS4, thanks to the new shipments
  • PS5 continues enjoying unparalleled popularity as it’s quickly becoming Sony’s best console

PlayStation 5 took three weeks less to sell one million copies in the United Kingdom than PlayStation 4 did.

PlayStation 5 Sells 1 Million Copies in the UK

PlayStation 5 has so far enjoyed unparalleled popularity on the global market with demand often exceeding supply. According to statistics from the world-leading provider of data and analytics GfK, Sony’s console has sold over a million copies in the United Kingdom 39 weeks after its market release.

This milestone is a remarkable feat, especially considering that PlayStation 5’s predecessor, PlayStation 4, sold its millionth copy in 42 weeks. This means that PS5’s record beats that of the previous device by almost a month. Up until the last few months PS4 still maintained the lead in Britain but that was most likely because of the scarcity of PS5s. Once PS5 stock stabilized, the console took the lead.

Numbers show that around 151,000 consoles have been sold throughout August and a total of 1.4 million throughout the whole year. The total number is about a third higher than the sales numbers in 2020.

Judging from these statistics, in August PlayStation 5 has sold the most copies, with Xbox Series X and S following behind.

PlayStation 5’s Is Officially Sony’s Fastest-Selling Console

PlayStation 5 is not only popular in the United Kingdom but came to be a beloved console to many gamers worldwide. The number of people who wanted to get a PS5 was so high that the console became very hard to find soon after release.

Around the end of July, Sony released an update where they celebrated selling over 10 million copies around the world – once again, a record time that surpassed everything set previously by PS4. In the announcement, Sony’s head of global business, Veronica Rogers, promised that the company is doing everything in its power to make the console more readily available to fans who are yet to get a copy.

Soon after that, the numbers of PS5 on sale started stabilizing and many were finally able to get their copy.  This was reinforced by the release of a new, upgraded PlayStation 5 model that features an improved locking mechanism.

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