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Published: October 15, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Twitch celebrities break up
  • The streamers explain the reasons why they split
  • Fans are disgruntled yet respectful of the decision

Twitch streamer Edison Park had proposed to fellow streamer “Fuslie” after a grueling 30-hour stream back in April 2019. Two years later, the couple split apart, leaving fans distraught.

Fusile and Edison Park End a Long Relationship

Leslie “Fuslie” Fu is a popular Twitch streamer and a part of 100 Thieves. She appeared next to her boyfriend Edison Park at the end of his 30-day long stream, back in April of 2019. Park himself achieved something of a record, after a grueling 541 hours, seven minutes, and 54 seconds of near-constant streaming over 30 days, being exhausted both mentally and physically, with he himself claiming that his body had nearly “shut down” due to sleep deprivation.

What followed was a heartwarming moment in which Park proposed to Leslie, with a huge internet crowd paying attention. Unfortunately, just a year and a half later the fairy tale would end with Leslie confirming that she and her former fiancé had parted ways.

The Streamers Explain Why They Parted Ways

On October 15, Fusile made a post in Twitlonger, explaining that she and Park had parted ways a month before her post. She wrote that since the former couple “weren’t 100% sure about it.”, they did not want to announce it too early.

She wrote: “We ended on the best terms that we possibly could, and we genuinely want nothing but the best for each other.” She added the somewhat controversial statement that “We ended on the best terms that we possibly could, and we genuinely want nothing but the best for each other.”

Park also shared his point of view in a Twitlonger. “Leslie and I shared the most incredible journey together over the last 5.5 years,” he wrote, “and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.” He explained that he and Fusile simply grew apart, adding that these things happen in life.

Although fans were not happy about the split up, many of them reacted respectfully, with fellow streamers wishing the now parted ex-es the best for them in the future.

Both Fusile and Park requested that their viewers respect their privacy. The two streamers said They do not wish to discuss the break-up in further detail. We can only wish the best for them.

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