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Published: February 1, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The Twitch star’s contract is nearing its end
  • Pokimane hinted she might be switching platforms after the contract ends
  • Fans are left to speculate what the future holds until Pokimane makes an official announcement

In a recent stream, Twitch star Pokimane hinted she might be moving to a different platform as her contract with the Amazon-owned company is coming to a close.

Pokimane’s Twitch Contract Is Nearing Its End

Pokimane is one of Twitch’s staple streamers and one of the most popular female streamers of 2021, according to Streamcharts. Despite her large following on the platform, the content creator might soon be moving to a different streaming service. Twitch signed the Canadian Moroccan streamer in 2020 for two years, so her contract will be ending soon.

Since her contract is ending soon, Pokimane talked a bit about it on stream, hinting she might be moving to a different platform. “It’s so weird to say this out loud, but today is the last day of my Twitch contract,” she said. Her viewers immediately started speculating what this might mean, with YouTube being singled out as the obvious platform Pokimane might be switching to.

Pokimane commented on her experience these past two years, saying there were many ups and downs. “And you guys can join me for the next chapter in about a week or so,” she added. This implies that she has already decided whether to remain on twitch or move to something else.

What Does the Future Hold for Pokimane?

Although Pokimane left her viewers with many unanswered questions, any official announcement will likely come after February 8. This did not stop her audience from speculating what the popular streamer’s next move might be.

The simplest outcome is that Pokimane will just renew her contract with Twitch. After all, being one of the most popular faces on the platform has gotten her the nickname of “the face of Twitch”. It’s possible the Amazon-owned company might offer the Canadian Moroccan streamer a lucrative contract.

Twitch might indeed consider trying to keep its most popular content creators, as many popular faces like TimTheTatman or Ludwig have switched to YouTube Gaming over the last year. The Google-owned platform as a whole has grown significantly over the past two years with the transfer of many Twitch streamers and the rise of Vtubers. Facebook Gaming is the third option for Pokimane.

Pokimane might even decide to end streaming altogether. Although unlikely, other big streamers, like Amouranth, have announced potential retirement plans.

Whatever Pokimane has in mind, her fans will have to wait until February 8 to get definitive news.

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