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Published: October 29, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Twitch content creator PayMoneyWubby held a joke auction of an NFT video of his bathroom
  • One surprisingly generous bidder offered $100,000 for the NFT, completely taking Wubby by surprise
  • The bid turned out to be an elaborate troll but the streamer will still likely get $20,000 for the NFT

PayMoneyWubby’s exploration of the NFT market ended up with a fan offering $100,000 for an NFT video of his bathroom.

PayMoneyWubby’s NFTurd Auction

Twitch content creator PayMoneyWubby has held an initiative where he explored the possibilities of the trendy non-fungible tokens market. In a joke auction yesterday, the streamer put on sale an NFT video of his own bathroom that was humorously tagged #NFTurd.

The auction happened on a stream that showcased PayMoneyWubby and his friends following the progress. The NFT video played in the top right of the screen along with an adjacent window displaying the current highest bid.

At first, people offered about $6,000 for the NFT but things were about to go wild. The price slowly progressed and reached $20,000 before the last bidder getting completely overtaken by someone who offered a bid of $100,000.

This took both PayMoneyWubby and his friends by surprise. The streamer’s friends quickly prompted him to refresh the webpage to see if it was real.

“I just sold a video of my poop for one-hundred-thousand dollars,” the content creator said once the bid was confirmed.

The Bid Was Most Likely Fake

PayMoneyWubby paused the stream to have a good look into the situation. He found that he won’t be able to say for sure if the payment arrived within three days of the auction’s end.

Once the streamer unpaused the broadcast, he explained that the bid is likely fake and that this seems to be an elaborate trolling. According to him, it is likely that the bidder either wanted to get “fake hype and fake clout,” or wanted to guarantee that the last top bidder will be the winner.

PayMoneyWubby mentioned that he has an idea who the troll might be but won’t call them out, hoping that they would reveal themselves.

The streamer said that he is somewhat disappointed and that the troll kind of ruined the fun. Despite that, he is sure that some of the people who put forward $20,000 weren’t joking, so the auction is anything else but unsuccessful.

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