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Published: December 15, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Cosplayer makes stunning Widowmaker cosplay
  • From outfit to sniper, no detail is missed
  • The creation of the costume took more than 300 hours

Overwatch’s Widowmaker, the villainess sniper of the game, has inspired many cosplayers worldwide to recreate her attire in real life. However, this one snipes other cosplayers out of the competition.

A Stunning Widowmaker Costume

Overwatch has characters that have quickly become easily recognizable through the game’s popularity, but also the amazing skills of cosplayers, like this wonderful Ashe cosplay. Another favorite fame fatale of players and cosplayers alike is Windowmaker, and this Belgian cosplayer has brought the character to life with her amazing rendition.

She is called Mikomi Hokina, and when asked why she chose to cosplay Overwatch, she said that it’s because her cousins, with which she is quite close, are big fans of the game. “They know I’m a cosplayer and this is a good choice for some super awesome fanservice for them!” she said.

When asked why she chose Widowmaker in particular, Hokina answered that she likes her overall design. She also likes the character’s personality and the intricacy of the outfit. “I love powerful characters, and she really has that lone bada** vibe that I cannot get enough of!”

Building the Costume and Bringing Widowmaker to Life

Hokina says it took more than 300 hours of work to create the finished piece. She said that it was quite difficult for her. She says the Widowmaker’s outfit doesn’t have many armor pieces like other costumes, however, it has many straps, buckles, and other small details that took time. She also mentions that the bodypaint also took her about six hours every time she did the cosplay, and that is with help from a professional makeup artist.  

What took Hokina the most time and effort were the visor and the rifle. Widowmaker’s iconic sniper is made of many 3D printed parts, which took about 200 hours to create, followed by at least 50 hours of sanding, gluing, and painting. This resulted in a prop, weighing over 15 pounds, but one able to be put both into Rifle or Sniper mode.

The cosplayer also described the creation of the visor, saying it too was created with many 3D printed parts. For the optics, Hokina used gems molded into the visor with colorant and epoxy resin, and two alligator clips hold the whole construction attached to Hokina’s wig.

Hokina plans to put out photos of her Tracer and Brigitte cosplays. The photos have already been shot and should be coming out in December and January.

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