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Published: February 21, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Play of the Game is a coveted title for many Overwatch 2 player
  • Not every hero is equally easy to get POTG with
  • High damage heroes are the easiest, while support heroes are the hardest

A Reddit user compiled data from more than 500 matches and derived which are the easiest and most difficult heroes to win the Overwatch 2 Play of the Game with.

Overwatch Fan Finds Interesting Data

Every multiplayer team-based game has players that perform better than others in a match and these are often pronounced Most Valuable Players. Overwatch 2’s version of that is the Play of the Game (POTG), which highlights a standout play at end of every match. This is a great way for players to get recognition for their contribution to the victory. However, recent data gathered by fans shows that you may never get a POTG depending on what heroes you play. 

A Reddit user recently made a post sharing data they gathered from 550 matches that categorizes which heroes are most likely to get a POTG. “I tallied them all up with the data with 550 games,” the OP writes. “The only thing that affected the data is that my duo plays primarily Widow/Sojourn/Genji so their numbers may be artificially inflated. Some heroes may look out of place, but that’s because this data is from multiple patches across varying ranks. For example, if I only went off recent data only, Hog would be lower.”

The Overwatch fan acknowledges that the data is slightly biased in several ways. For example, the OP says they tried to account for hero popularity to varying success. “Sym’s actual amounts of POTG’s were lower than the others in her tier, but she was also played less,” the Reddit user writes.

Despite the slight discrepancies, we can still get some clear information from the data provided. For example, it’s not surprising that fans playing heroes like Genji, Reaper, or Widowmaker as all three have powerful damage outputs and are relatively easy to make kills with. Moving down the tier list, we eventually reach heroes like Kiriko and Mercy, which are quite hard to get POTGs with, considering they are support heroes. 

Finally, we see Ana at the very bottom. Fans playing her have a very low probability of getting a POTG, with the OP saying they have seen less than 10 of their 550 games end with an Ana POTG, and this is considering the OP is an Ana main. Many fans seem to agree with the OP’s data, also saying they have very rarely seen an Ana POTG. 

What we can get from this data is that if your aim is to get the POTG, you may want to avoid certain heroes, as getting the coveted title with them is almost impossible. However, if you still get the POTG by using the lower-ranked heroes, that’s an achievement in itself.

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