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Published: February 28, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • A recent Reddit poll tried to figure out this age-old question
  • The discussion was surprisingly civilized
  • However, one class won by a 40% landslide

Online discussions about which Overwatch class is most difficult to play have been a staple since the launch of the game, but we may finally have a solid answer to that question. 

Players Vote on the Most Difficult Class

Overwatch is a game that is highly defined by its playable characters, which are in turn highly defined by their class. This has led to numerous discussions trying to establish which role is the easiest or hardest to play. Often times this has led to players simply saying the class they main is the hardest one or most important. But a recent poll seems to point out a clear winner for the title of the most difficult role to play. 

With more than 7 000 voters, the poll posted on the Overwatch subreddit came out with a surprisingly clear winner. The discussion itself, started by a fan eager to know what his fellow players think, stayed surprisingly civil, and eventually, the community came to a conclusion – the tank was voted as the hardest role to play in Overwatch. 

With over 40% of the votes (or about 2.7K votes at the time of writing of this article), the community seemed to agree tank was the most difficult class. That being said, with 1.5K votes, main support came in at second place. The third and fourth places were occupied by DPS and off support with 1.1K and 600 votes respectively. 

What Do We Learn from This Poll?

The tank’s landslide victory suggests there is a sizable amount of agreement in the Overwatch community on the topic, despite similar class-related discussions online often heating up a lot. It seems that a lot of players think the tank is the most difficult role to play because it is pivotal for any team. 

“I think it would be tank mostly because the tank is so pivotal to the team,” reads one comment. “If you position poorly or otherwise screw up as a tank the team crumbles. Getting picked puts the team at a huge disadvantage. Definitely the role with the most pressure and consistency required.”

Of course, there were those who brought up valid points regarding the difficulties of playing the less-voted classes as well. Some said that although tank players have a lot on their shoulders, DPS players have to deal with the higher mechanical complexity that DPS heroes have. 

Of course, let’s not forget that this is just a game and it’s not necessary to take the poll and discussion too seriously. One fan that understands this and was voted highly simple wrote “Tank, because it’s the role I play, therefore I am smarter,” joking about his class preference.

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