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Published: November 7, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The new hero will arrive on December 6 with the game’s next season
  • He will have an interesting transformation ability, similar to Bastion
  • Ramattra’s backstory was already teased back in 2019

After less than a month, Overwatch 2 fans will be able to play as the fearsome leader of the Null Sector. 

Ramattra Is Coming to Overwatch 2

Way before the release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard had promised to be more active in releasing new content for the game. This included regularly releasing new heroes, and the latest one is Ramattra, the Null Sector leader, which will be introduced as the new tank in the game’s Season 2. 

His debut will be on December 6, when Overwatch 2’s second season will be released. Although Ramattra will be included in the game on that date, the new unlock process means that players will need to unlock him through the Season 2 Battle Pass. 

How Will the Hero Be Played?

We currently don’t know much about the hero’s abilities as a full breakdown of his kit is still yet to be revealed officially. However, we do know that Ramattra drops into the fight with two distinct forms. He can transform similarly to Bastion, alternating between Omnic form and Nemesis form.

His Omnic form appears to be the more defensive option. It allows Ramattra to keep his allies safe while still laying down some damage from afar, all with a more passive playstyle. Meanwhile, the hero’s Nemesis form is the more offensive one. The hero physically grows larger, making him a larger target for enemies, but this also allows him to punch through barriers in order to target squishy supports in the backline.

We know that Ramattra’s kit will function somewhat differently between these two forms, although we don’t know any details. However, the hero’s Ultimate will be shared between the two forms. When the player triggers the Ult, Ramattra switches back into Nemesis form as part of the animation, meaning we can expect an aggressive blitz.

What Do We Know About Ramattra’s Lore?

The hero’s backstory goes a few years back when in the 2019 Storm Rising event, the PvE element led players to a unique cutscene wherein, Doomfist meets with a yet unknown Omnic figure. Of course, it turns out this is none other than Ramattra, the leader of Null Sector.

He is the leader of what is perceived as an Omnic terrorist organization. Ramattra will be a key antagonist throughout Overwatch 2’s upcoming PVE campaign, but he seems to be a more complex villain. His motivations seem to lie in the hope that Omnics will live peacefully alongside humans, but the often oppressive acts of humans towards their kind led to an all-out war.

There is almost a full month before Overwatch 2’s next season comes, so Blizzard is likely to reveal more information about Ramattra in the next weeks.

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