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Published: March 24, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Prime Gaming showcased a new ad for the game that included the rare Pink Mercy skin
  • This made players think the skin is coming back to the game
  • It caused controversy as many thought this would devalue Pink Mercy

Amazon Prime Gaming’s latest trailer for Overwatch 2 content confused players as it seemed like the rare Pink Mercy skin, which was only available in 2018, is returning to the game.

Promo Confuses Overwatch 2 Fans

Amazon Prime Gaming bundles have been one of the main ways for players of various games to get in-game items like skins and other cosmetics. Such a loot bundle is also joining Overwatch 2, which will offer highly valuable skin to Amazon Prime subscribers. However, the announcement video of the new loot bundle had something in it that baffled many fans – the rare Punk Mercy skin.

The video was supposed to showcase “brand-new rewards”, but players quickly saw the rare skin in it, which caused confusion and controversy. Fans said that they do not want the skin to join a Prime bundle in the future, often stating Punk Mercy’s origin as the reason. 

The skin was only obtainable once in the past as a charity skin released in May 2018, with all revenue donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, with Blizzard managing to raise almost $13 million. It was a good cause but many Overwatch fans think that it’s not appropriate to add the re-add the skin right now.  

The video confused many fans, with some being hyped that the skin might be returning, while others were not sure if that really is the case. Many Overwatch players said that it would not be a good idea to give out the skin to those who subscribe to Prime Gaming, as that would devalue the skin that was available only for a short time a few years ago. 

“Just handing people the skin when it was originally an exclusive reward for donating to charity would be…an interesting choice,” wrote one commenter under the Reddit post discussing the situation. “Imagine how funny the skin description would be: Earned via donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or claiming from Amazon Prime Drops,” read another top-voted comment. 

It seems, however, that the skin would not be returning and that Prime Gaming simply made a mistake in the trailer. As many commenters suggested in the Reddit post, the promo team must have simply spliced together random Overwatch footage for the ad without paying much attention. 

Prime Gaming has deleted the post after receiving a lot of backlash, however, they have yet to comment on the situation.

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