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Published: May 28, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • His death was announced by friends on Twitter and Discord on May 24
  • Joomba was a popular streamer and member of the community since the game’s release in 2016
  • Friends and fans mourn the loss of the respected streamer

A beloved member of the Overwatch community, Joomla25, has recently passed away.

Joomla Passes Away

When one thinks of death, one usually thinks of elderly people passing away surrounded by their family. Unfortunately, death can come unexpectedly, which is what the family, friends, and fans of popular Overwatch streamer and high-ranked player Joomla25 had to encounter. The death of the player was confirmed by his friends on social media on Tuesday, May 24.

While there is no official statement yet, fans were shocked when Joomla25’s close friends confirmed his death on Discord and Twitter. The player was one of the oldest and best-known active members of the Overwatch community, starting his involvement with the game ever since Blizzard released it in 2016.

He was well-known for his masterful Widowmaker plays and the many videos he posted displaying his mechanical prowess over the years. His skills were respected and feared by some of the world’s best players, including xQc and Surefour.

Joomla was also known for being a voice of reason and balance. He would often tackle touchy, controversial, or difficult subjects in a calm and reasonable manner, showing both intelligence and deep empathy. The player took the time to delve into often outlandish claims and discuss them in a way that made it possible for those who disagreed to grow and learn.

Overwatch Community Pays Respects

Having amassed more than 50 000 followers on Twitch with his positive-minded and caring demeanor, it’s no surprise many fans wanted to pay their respect to Joomla. Noonie, one of his friends, wrote dearly about the player, explaining he was one of the most loving and caring people Noonie has ever met. “His legacy will carry no matter how much time passes.”

“We all lost a really great friend today,” former Overwatch player and current Dart Monkeys VALORANT pro eskay wrote on Twitter. “Joom helped give me the courage to go to the gym for the first time and gave me the advice I needed to keep going. He was such a kind person and a blast to play with, rest easy friend.”

“Our fears became reality and Joomla is not with us anymore,” wrote Somnus, another prominent member of the Overwatch community. “He was one of the first people I ever spoke to when I went over to NA and he was always willing to listen to me and my struggles – I wish there could have been more I could have done for him.

Rest easy – I will miss you.”

Joomla was known to have suffered from mental health issues. There is no confirmation yet, but some speculate Joomla died by suicide he deleted his Twitter account and stopped providing updates about his situation a week before his death was announced.

Please remember that suicide is never a solution.

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