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Published: January 10, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Overwatch 2 still has issues with overpowered heroes
  • Players went on to Reddit to discuss what could be done to fix this
  • They want Blizzard to prioritize these issues

Many Overwatch 2 fans are not happy with how slowly Blizzard is rolling out balancing fixes as “one-shot” heroes continue to run rampant.

Reddit Thread Goes over What Needs to Change

Overwatch 2 has been released a few months ago now and so far Blizzard seems to be keeping up with its promise to have content regularly released to the game. The original game had a severe content drought through the latter years of its existence, much to the chagrin of fans.

The sequel game seems to be different, but even as Blizzard is releasing new game modes and hero buffs, fans seem to want more and faster updates to combat the fact that some heroes are way too powerful. These claims are supported by a popular thread on Reddit where thousands of players lamented how Blizzard should quickly fix some of the most alarming problems.

“I’m Masters on DPS, and I’m tired of going against characters I don’t have a method of dealing with as an entire role,” the Reddit thread’s OP wrote. “I can’t contest Roadhog, I can’t do anything [against]it. Yes, the changes are coming but we’ve suffered an entire season…” The OP also pointed out that Widowmaker suffers from the same problem – a hero that instantly kills other heroes. What’s worse, the OP wrote, is that there seem to be no counters to that. 

It is not like Blizzard isn’t aware of this type of problem. As the original poster in the reddit thread wrote, Roadhog is also an example of a hero that needs nerfs. Blizzard has known about this problem and has even promised a Roadhog rework back in December, but as the new year began, we have not yet received a confirmation when this update will come. 

Many Fans Agree

With over 1 000 comments, many of whom agreeing with the OP’s words, it’s clear that the community wants to see Blizzard prioritize fixing broken heroes over other updates. Some users gave their thought on how this could be achieved, with one commenter writing about Widowmaker:

“Widow should probably go back to 175 HP to lower her power in close and medium range engagements, being easier to pick as other DPS that thrive in those ranges,” the commenter wrote. “Map pools should also be curated to avoid our current situation of almost every map being strong for Widow.”

It’s not known when Blizzard is going to address these issues, as we have not seen them do this in the most recent updates for the game, nor have they given any dates on the upcoming Roadhog rework. 

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