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Published: October 21, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • During a stream on Twitch, Felix xQc Lengyel claimed that unionization efforts by Overwatch League players have been shut down
  • xQc claimed that the League pushed players to sign their contracts
  • Although some players spoke of unionizing, in the end, all players agreed with the contracts and that has put an end to union talks

Felix xQc Lengyel recently claimed that efforts to unionize were shut down by the Overwatch League. That was revealed during a recent stream with Jacobin magazine journalist Alex Press and the popular streamer Hasan Piker.

Can the OWL Bury Unionization Efforts?

During a recent live stream, the ex esports pro and famous streamer, Felix Lengyel, also known as “xQc” revealed that efforts by Overwatch League players to unionize have been put down. The pro player claimed that while he was still an active OWL player, some players have disagreed with certain points in their contracts. This resulted in discussions about unionizing which wasn’t something new to the players as they have been talking about it before as well. However, xQc claimed that ultimately, the OWL players were pushed to sign their contracts, which ended any talks about unionizing.

The revelation came during a recent stream on Twitch. xQc spoke during the stream with Jacobin’s magazine journalist Alex N. Press, as well as Hasan Piker, a popular streamer also known as HasanAbi. xQc explained how even if some players didn’t entirely agree with their contracts, they were pressured by the Overwatch League to sign them. According to him, once players agreed with their contracts, talks about unionization have completely disappeared.

Everyone Just Signed Their Agreements

Remembering what happened, xQc explained that he, along with other OWL pro players were given big contracts following a press conference on an opening day. All of the players then had to sign their official Overwatch League agreements. xQc stressed that the League gave the players a huge document but not everyone agreed with its contents. Some players even labeled the whole situation as “kind of stupid,” explained the ex-pro player.

Every player just signed it and that was the end of it. They have been talking about unionizing for years but it never happened,” revealed Felix “xQc” Lengyel during a recent stream

According to xQc, this situation brought up talks about unionizing. However, those talks were quickly shut down by the League as according to xQc, the players were told that they have to sign their agreements right away. What happened next, as the former pro player remembers is that every one of the players just signed the agreements. He stressed that while talks about unions have been a topic for several years, after the contracts were signed, it was the end of it. Here, Hussain agreed with xQc outlining that some companies are willing to do anything to end unionization efforts.

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