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Published: September 28, 2021

Written by: David

  • Overwatch 2 will soon be released, but many fans are eager to learn more details regarding the sequel of the legendary game
  • During an exhibition match, developers revealed interesting details regarding Overwatch 2: a new UI and game mode
  • The sequel of the famous game also introduces better balance for the heroes

Overwatch 2 will be out soon. While hardcore fans still like the original Overwatch, a sneak peek showed fans what they can expect from the sequel. It is true, Overwatch 2 will not disappoint as the game will offer plenty of improvements such as a new game mode, updated UI, and more balanced heroes.

Overwatch 2 Exhibition Match Shows off New Game Mode

Earlier this month, Overwatch revealed that it will share more details about Overwatch 2 during the Overwatch League Grand Finals. The franchise did not mislead its fans and delivered on that promise. During the Grand Finals halftime, an Overwatch 2 exhibition match was played.

The exhibition match featured 10 players who have been previously eliminated from the Grand Finals. They showed an exciting brand new mode for Overwatch 2 dubbed “Push.” In this game mode, the player’s objective is to advance within the barriers of the map with the help of a robot. The team that pushes its “payload” further into the other team’s territory wins the game. Although new to Overwatch’s sequel, this game mode resembles a game mode that was used by the old-school shooter Team Fortress 2.

New UI, Heroes Balance and Maps Improvements

Besides the new game mode, the exhibition match showed how the user interface (UI) will likely change in Overwatch 2. While some new players found Overwatch’s UI to be difficult or confusing, this is not the case with the sequel. An example we can give is that the UI for the Push map allows players to easily understand which team is in the lead. Moreover, users can check the direction of where the “payload” is pushed to and see all of the checkpoints.

Undoubtedly, the updated UI is going to help many players who are starting to play Overwatch from the sequel. Another major change introduced in Overwatch 2 is the balance between the heroes. Unlike its prequel, Overwatch 2 has found the right balance, enabling all heroes to engage in battle right away. However, this is what is known so far, so additional details will come as soon as the game launches.

A long-standing issue with the so-called choke points was addressed in Overwatch 2. Based on the exhibition gameplay from the Push map, we do see plenty of stairs, corridors, as well as open areas, that are eliminating the choke points. With that in mind, many players who may have been previously frustrated with that issue will undoubtedly like the sequel of Overwatch.

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