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Published: December 21, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Players are able to play the game for free from Dec. 20 to Jan 2
  • The trial is available on all platform, excluding the Nintendo Switch
  • Players’ progress will be saved after the end of the trial period

Overwatch now has a free-trial period from December 20 to January 2. New players’ progress will be saved and will carry over if they buy the game.

Blizzard Offers a Free Trial of Overwatch

Everyone has gone through the trouble of trying to get their friends into a game, but convincing people to spend many dollars on a product they may not enjoy is difficult, to say the least. Well, now Overwatch players will perhaps have an easier time luring in their friends to try out Blizzard’s FPS. Starting December 20 and going until January 2, Overwatch will host a free trial period. New players will have their progress carry over if they decide to purchase the game at the end of the trial period.

The release of this update coincides with Overwatch’s rerun of the Winter Wonderland event. The trial period is available for new players on PC with a account, PlayStation players with a PlayStation Plus membership, and Xbox players with an Xbox Live Gold membership. Unfortunately for Switch players, the console is not included in this free trial period.

What Is Available in the Trial?

Players are able to get right into the action and access all of the 32 heroes in quick play, arcade, and custom game modes. Since crossplay is enabled, players from all platforms will be able to play together. It has to be noted that ranked matches are not available to take advantage of during the free period.

It also has to be said that those who choose to try out the game for free need not worry about their progress. It will be saved and it will be carried over to their account if they decide to purchase the game.

This free period is a smart move by Blizzard, as with the holidays approaching, many will be looking for new games to play. It is also a way to help fix the company’s reputation by offering new opportunities for new players to join the franchise. Blizzard had many scandals and lawsuits hit it this year, and making games for free, at least for a while, is one way to compensate for the diminishing number of players. The free period is also an (arguably lazy) method for adding new life into the game, which Matthew “super” DeLisi recently complained is being “forgotten”.  More information about the trial period can be learned at the website here.

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