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Published: September 14, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Overwatch has been experiencing some seriously hard times
  • Because of the lack of content, the delay of Overwatch 2 and the California lawsuit, many have come to believe the franchise is dead
  • Despite all of this, the number of players who still play is still rather high

Overwatch is standing strong despite the delay of Overwatch 2 and the hurdles Activision Blizzard is currently facing.

 Overwatch Survives Against All Odds

Overwatch has been sailing through a storm lately. With the California lawsuit against Activision Blizzard at hand, sponsors pulling away from the Overwatch League and Overwatch 2 getting delayed for at least several months, the game is certainly going through some turbulent times. Yet, looking at the statistics, Overwatch still remains a favorite title to the average gamer.

According to estimated data from Active Player analysts, Overwatch continues to maintain the surprisingly high average of over 5 million players a month, sometimes peaking to over 7 million. This is an impressive number, especially because that the game has been lacking new content for more than a year. Although various skins, cosmetics, maps and balance changes have been released over the past months, no new characters or mechanics have made their way into the game since Echo’s release back in 2020.

Despite the game still having a high player average, this doesn’t change the fact that a significant chunk of the community has been disappointed in the lack of new characters. As a result, many have come to consider Overwatch as an aged game that is far past its prime.

Overwatch 2: The Savior People Await

People’s hopes lay in Overwatch 2. Those who have stopped playing Overwatch believe it will revive the game and those who still play it believe it will revitalize the community.

Overwatch 2 is expected to bring about numerous changes to the game, including the controversial removal of a tank slot that became the subject of outrage this summer. Regardless if fans of the franchise like or dislike the changes, most of them agree that the second addition to the series will definitely refresh both the casual and the competitive scene.

However, since the aforementioned tank announcement Blizzard fell silent, which really concerned players. It was then finally revealed that the game will be delayed, with a release expected for the second quarter of 2022. 

Most fans were crestfallen to learn of the delay. Doomsayers went as far as saying this will spell the inevitable death of the franchise (as they always do). However, the numbers show a different story. The community will most probably persevere through the lack of content even if it is to decline a bit. And when Overwatch 2 does release, it will likely grow strong once again.  

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