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Published: May 8, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Lifeweaver was released on April 11, but many fans already find problems
  • Many think his complex skillset has a difficult-to-master control scheme
  • One player creates a mod that fixes all of these issues

One dedicated Overwatch 2 fan decided to make a better alternative to Lifeweaver’s default keybindings until Blizzard fixes the problems with the hero’s control scheme.

Lifeweaver Has Some Problems

Overwatch 2’s fourth season dropped just a couple of days ago, bringing with it a ton of new changes, rebalancing, new items in the shop, and so on. Perhaps the biggest new thing coming to OW2 is the new support hero Laifeweaver, who is supposed to change the game’s meta.

However, the new addition to Overwatch 2’s roster of heroes was not included without its fair share of criticism. Many fans said that the new character’s skillset is complex and difficult to learn and that his convoluted control scheme is not helping at all. In fact, the hero was out for less than a day but fans already begged Blizzard to change Lifeweaver’s controls.

But as they wait for the company to patch the new character’s issues, some players have taken it upon themselves to try and fix Lifeweaver. Much like fans changed the keybindings for Sojourn after her release, one player did the same for the new support hero. Almost every ability was changed to a different keybinding, showing off a different and potentially easier way to play Lifeweaver.

Here’s What the Changes Are

Lifeweaver has two main abilities: Healing Blossom and Thorn Volley. Normally, players are able to swap through Lifeweaver’s two primary fires, much like how players can swap through Mercy’s staff and blaster. However, many fans felt this was too clunky and suggested this be changed to just using the mouse buttons. 

This is the first change that Reddit user Sammy Is Saiso did in the Workshop. They showed their work in a video on the Overwatch subreddit, which quickly gained a lot of popularity and praise from fans. 

Lifeweaver also has the interesting Petal Form ability, which is normally bound to the F key. However, in the Workshop mod, it is set to Shift, although a keybinding like this is much more related to player preference than the two primary fire changes.

Meanwhile, with the Shift key now taken by Petal Form, Rejuvenating Dash is now changed to two jump presses, similar to how Hanzo’s double jump works. Many fans said the changes are what they expected Lifeweaver’s default keybindings should be. Although Blizzard has already stated that they are working on changing Lifewevaer’s control scheme, they have not yet announced a date on when the rework will come. So for the time being it seems that players who want a less clunky version of the hero’s controls will have to rely on this mod.

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