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Published: December 15, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Overwatch players will once again head to the snowball fight fields with the return of the Winter Wonderland event
  • The event will reinforce the holidays’ spirit by bringing exclusive game modes, skins, victory poses, sprays and more
  • The release of this year’s iteration experienced a short delay but is back on track and will go live tomorrow, December 16

As the holidays approach, Overwatch fans will once again be able to experience the festive spirit through the new edition of the Winter Wonderland Event.

Blizzard Confirms the Return of the Winter Wonderlands Event

With the OWL being offseason, and Christmas and New Year being just around the corner, the Overwatch staff have decided to reinforce the holiday spirit by bringing back the Winter Wonderland event.

An announcement on the official Twitter page revealed the festive news and showcased a D.Va flying through the sky, guided by Orisa.

The short teaser didn’t reveal much about this year’s iteration of the winter event and preferred to let fans discover the new content by themselves. Because of this, fans don’t yet know what new cosmetics the Winter Wonderland will bring, nor what new game mode will let fans take a breather from the warlike narrative.

Fans Will Have Tons of Festive Content to Grind Through

Each year, the Winter Wonderland would give players tons of new festive content to grind for, such as costumes, various cosmetics, victory poses and sprays. Although the sneak peek didn’t confirm it, fans can expect a plethora of new festive content to adorn their favorite characters with. Not only that, but the skins from previous years will in all likelihood make a return.

Players will be able to grab the festive content by pulling it out of loot boxes or, if they happen to really like a piece, they will be able to spend some coins and purchase it from the character’s cosmetic section.

Furthermore, each year the Overwatch team introduces exclusive holiday game modes. Previously, fans have received fun game modes such as Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball time. This year those modes will probably make a return as well, alongside a hypothetical new one.

This year’s event was expected to start earlier but various factors caused a short delay in the developers’ plans. However, now we have an official date for the event – Winter Wonderland 2021 begins tomorrow, December 16 and will stay around until January 6.

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