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Published: March 16, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Wrecking Ball’s buffs have unintentionally caused the rise of Sombra player numbers
  • She is considered one of the most annoying Overwatch 2 heroes to play against
  • Fans argue Sombra should be nerfed

Wrecking Ball’s recent buffs have caused the hero’s natural counter, Sombra, to be increasingly present on the Overwatch 2 battlefield, which annoys many players.

A New Meta Emerged

It’s common there to be a shift in a game’s meta after a big update is released, and Overwatch 2 is no exception to that phenomenon. The popular hero shooter’s most recent changes have indirectly caused the rising return of one of the game’s most annoying characters, and fans are not happy about this. 

The fan base has seemingly been invaded by a ton of new Sombra players after another tank also saw a significant increase in the players playing it – Wrecking Ball. Many fans agree that because the hamster has received some buffs recently, Sombra has been popping up more and more in casual and ranked games. 

“As a Support main I feel like the game was much more fun when Sombra was a pile of crap that nobody played,” reads a Reddit post discussing the problem. “Knowing a 200hp ability canceling, infinite invisibility, teleport across the map when low character rat can be anywhere in your backline at any time is frustrating.”

Many fans agree with the OP and also blame Wrecking Ball for Sombra’s recent rise. Their reasoning is that since Wrecking Ball is being played a lot recently, there’s a natural evolution in the meta that makes Sombra be used as a counter increasingly more often. Some fans even say Sombra feels far more difficult to beat than Wrecking Ball, which is why she’s more hated.

Players Are Calling For Sombra Nerfs

According to some Overwatch fans, Sombra’s domination on the battlefield has gotten so bad that many are already asking for Blizzard to nerf the hero. The OP of the post discussing the new meta proposed a time limit to invisibility, a 25HP reduction to her health, as well as a nerf to Sombra’s HP passive. 

Other fans in the comments suggested different strategies to fight the champion using the current state of the game. Following the same logic of natural counters, many players suggested that Tracer could be a good counter to Sombra. However, other players responded by saying this might lead to a natural rise of the Tracer mains in the game. 

It’s not known if Blizzard is thinking of doing something about the problem, but it’s by the thousands of fans who responded to the Reddit post, that some nerfs or other changes are necessary.

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