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Published: June 22, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Season 6: Invasions is launching on August 10
  • It will introduce a lot of PvE content, both single-player and coop
  • Players will also gain progress on each hero individually

In a recent developer stream, Blizzard revealed a lot of PvE content, several new game modes, and a new hero progression system, which will all be part of the biggest Overwatch 2 update.

A Lot of New Content Coming with Season 6

Overwatch 2 has been receiving a lot of different changes over the past couple of months, many of which have been received by fans with mixed feelings. Despite that, Blizzard is promising a ton of new content coming to the game’s next season, Invasions, which might be OW2’s biggest content update yet.

In a recent stream, Blizzard developers revealed that Season 6 will introduce, with one of the biggest changes being a new progression system. Starting next season, players will earn experience per hero, based on various categories like games played or damage done, healed, etc. If players progress to certain points, they will receive emblems and badges, which unlock special name cards inspired by the characters they play. There’s no limit to how much experience players can get in any category for each hero, meaning players are not forced to play differently to unlock these cosmetic perks.

A lot of PvE experiences will also be coming with Season 6. Firstly, the so-called Hero Mastery will be a single-player mode featuring hero-based challenges on multiple difficulties to practice the finer points of a character’s abilities. By completing various objectives, players will earn points, allowing them to compare high scores with other players. This mode will launch midway Through season 6, with five heroes receiving Mastery Challenges initially: Sojourn, Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Reinhardt.

Overwatch 2’s next season will also feature more story missions, with the devs showing footage from the Gothenburg and Rio Story Missions. These will feature different enemies, massive maps, and charming character interactions, showing some of the ways OW2 heroes have met in the story.

Event Missions are also coming to OW2 in the next season. They will also be an important part of the PvE content, which will allow players to team up in coop missions to secure different objectives. The first map, Underworld, is an expanded version of the King’s Row PvP map, but players should expect more maps and enemies in future Overwatch 2 updates.

The OW2 have already revealed some information about the various PvE content in the past few weeks, but that was not taken very well by most of the fandom, as Blizzard announced they were scrapping many of the features initially planned. The fact that a lot of OW2’s PvE content is hidden behind a paywall did not help either, so it remains to be seen how successful the much-anticipated game mode will be.

Last, but not least, Flashpoint maps look quite different from any other PvP mode in Overwatch 2. The objective of the game mode is to capture one of several control points on the map, after which another will unlock elsewhere in the area. This continues until one team wins three points and the upcoming Suravasa and New Junk City will be the biggest PvP maps in Overwatch history.

Overall, Season 6 promises a ton of new content for the game, but it remains to be seen if this could fix the reputational damage that Overwatch 2 has received in recent months.

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