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Published: October 14, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Fans are eager to know more about Overwatch’s next installment
  • The German Overwatch Twitter account reveals the game’s rating in Germany
  • The new rating might mean we will not be seeing loot boxes

After Overwatch 2’s announcement, it seems the game will be rather different than the original. This begs the question – will the new game have loot boxes?

Overwatch 2’s Rating

More and more information keeps appearing on the new installment of Overwatch with the developers saying in late September that the game will soon be released. The public has already seen test footage showing new maps and the new Push game mode. We have also seen news regarding some major hero reworks. One thing that was not revealed until October 12 was the game’s rating.

The German Overwatch Twitter account recently made a post that states the game will be rated for ages 12 and older. This is a large change as the original game was rated for 16 and older in Germany.

Will the New Rating Affect Loot Boxes?

The rating for the second installment of Overwatch might mean there will be massive changes to the loot box system if there even is such a system present in the new game.

The thing is, according to a report from earlier this year (and yes, it is in German), the federal government revisions to its Youth Protection Act. A significant point made in these law changes is that games that contain “cost traps” are more severely scrutinized. A way to protect younger gamers from potentially spending way too much on loot boxes is to increase the age required for games, that contain such microtransactions.

What this means is that if Overwatch 2’s age starts from 12, not 16, it could signify that the game may not even include such a system, unlike its predecessor. ?he initial report explicitly included loot boxes in its language, however, there have since been changed to the text, which no longer includes them specifically.

The first Overwatch game was rated “T” for “Teen” in the United States, meaning it is suitable for ages 13 and older, similarly to what the current German rating is. Loot boxes are still not out of the danger zone, as the ESRB rating includes “simulated gambling” in its rating.

Ratings may differ from country to country, however, the changes in Germany are still something to look out for.  

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