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Published: April 4, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Blizzard revealed more information about the game’s newest support 
  • He will have a unique skill set, making him a support that can defend himself well
  • He will be included in the roster with the launch of Season 4 on April 11

Genji and Tracer mains will be in for a surprise next week as Lifesaver, Overwatch 2’s newest support hero, might become their new counter.

Blizzard Reveals Newest Hero

With the nearing of the end of the third season of Overwatch 2, fans are preparing for the arrival of the game’s newest support Lifeweaver. The character’s announcement was taken by the Overwatch community with overwhelming positivity with leaked information about his abilities now becoming a central subject of discussion among fans. 

It’s expected that the character will have self-sustainability and strong potential to fend off flankers, giving him great potential to shake up the meta. Some fans have said that Lifeweaver might be a great counter to heroes like Genji and Tracer. “Can’t wait to have my personal DPS to deal with Tracers and Genjis diving me all game long,” one fan wrote in a Reddit post discussing the new champion. “I will be kidnapping one of the DPS when I get dove by a flanker (this is a threat),” did another. 

What Makes the New Hero Such a Counter?

Lifeweaver’s skillset seems not quite like any other support. The new hero will have self-healing, a dash, and the ability to pull an ally towards himself. This would all help Lifeweaver be able to defend himself against DPS heroes. The new Overwatch hero will have a small dash that will heal him as well as an ability called Life Grip, which grants an ally a shield and pulls them toward him. These two skills alone make Lifeweaver have a unique base kit of mechanics that no other Overwatch 2 hero has.

Perhaps the most notable ability the character has is his ultimate, Tree of Life. Allegedly, this is a construct that can be placed to provide a wide heal to nearby allies much like Healing Blossom, while also blocking the enemies’ vision. Lifeweaver is listed as having a unique passive in his kit known as Parting Gift, which is described as a pseudo-health pack that can be picked up by either team. 

The new Overwatch 2 hero’s announcement was received with a lot of positivity by the fan base, which also seems to like his design a lot. He will be a part of next season’s battle pass and can be earned for free at a later tier of the base track, or unlocked immediately upon purchasing the premium track.

Lifeweaver will arrive in Overwatch 2 with the start of Season 4 on April 11.

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