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Published: October 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Overwatch 2 is turning one year old and is celebrating with a three-week-long event
  • It has started its final week and with it come new challenges and rewards
  • Despite the hype, the event has had its fair share of issues and bugs

Coming in on the final week of its 2023 Anniversary celebrations, Overwatch 2 rotates the game modes and challenges that it offers its fans.

What Are the New Challenges?

For the past two weeks, Overwatch 2’s community has been celebrating the game’s first anniversary since it was launched. The hero shooter’s Anniversary Event 2023 will last until October 10, spanning a total duration of three weeks or 21 days. For the rest of it, players will be able to experience various game modes. They rotate on a weekly basis, and now that the event starts its final week, players have a set of new challenges to go through and get rewards from.

There are a total of six challenges and all of them guarantee some kind of reward. All game modes available for this duration are Mischief & Magic (5v5), Lucioball Modes, and Winston’s Beach Volleyball (3v3), which can be found under the Arcade section within the game.

The rewards can be either in-game credits, battle pass experience, cosmetic items, or a combination of them all. Additionally, players will be granted 1000 Overwatch Credits, 17,500 Battle Pass Experience, as well as 3 Cosmetic Items. Here are this week’s challenges with their corresponding rewards:

  • Can’t Stop! Won’t Stop! | 5,000 XP | Cursed Captain Reaper Skin:

Complete 3 Overwatch Anniversary 2023 Event challenges

  • Anniversary Attendee | 2500 XP | 400 Overwatch Credits:

Complete 10 games and wins grant double progress

  • Revelry Regular | 2500 XP | 300 Overwatch Credits:

Complete 20 games and wins grant double progress

  • Festival Fan | 2500 XP | 300 Overwatch Credits:

Complete 40 games and wins grant double progress

  • Winston’s Beach Buddy | 2500 XP | Lifeweaver (Player Icon): Goldweaver:

Score a total of eight assists, saves, or goals in Winston’s Beach Volleyball, Lucioball, or Lucioball Remix

  • Mischief Returns | 2500 XP | Illari (Player Icon): Paqu:

Complete 5 games of Mischief and Magic, with wins granting double progress

In addition to the challenges and fun game modes, the Anniversary Event also brings a special limited-time Anniversary Shop, which features skins that can be purchased using Overwatch Credits. The shop will be open until October 16, so there’s still time to check out what it has on offer.

Despite all the hype surrounding the Anniversary Event, not everything has gone smoothly. Last week, many players reported a bug that prevented them from getting rewards for completed challenges. Blizzard was not able to fix the problem but said it would compensate fans by giving 3000 Anniversary Credits to everyone who logs in to the game during the first week of Season 7, which starts on October 10.

It certainly was not an easy first year for Overwatch 2, the game suffering from many issues, which seem to be following it even during its celebrations. Fans have also been quite vocal about the things they do not like about the game, and although Blizzard has tried to address these problems, players often felt it was not enough. Only time will tell if Overwatch 2 will have a better time during its second year.

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