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Published: October 8, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Expected to be released in 2022, Blizzard is yet to confirm if Overwatch 2 will be paid or F2P
  • During a recent podcast, two OWL pro players revealed why they think it would be best for the sequel to be F2P
  • According to Matthew “Super” DeLisi, F2P is the best option for Overwatch 2 considering that there are other F2P games that are being updated

In light of the future release of the sequel of the iconic Overwatch game, pro players reveal why the game should be free-to-play. With many shooters that are F2P and are being updated, according to Matthew “Super” DeLisi, F2P will be the best option for Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Offers Plenty of Improvements, Release Expected in 2022

Last month, during the Overwatch League Grand Finals, Overwatch revealed interesting details regarding the sequel of the epic game. The Overwatch 2 exhibition match showed a brand new game mode called “Push.” Besides new games modes, the game is expected to bring plenty of additional improvements such as updated UI (user interface). Other improvements which Overwatch 2 will likely push forward are greater balance when it comes to heroes and maps that eliminate choke points.

Yes, all of that sounds incredible and Overwatch 2 won’t disappoint. But when will the game come out? The release of the sequel is expected around 2022, but no solid date has been confirmed yet. Similarly, it is yet to be confirmed what the price of the game is going to be. Why is that important? Well, some OWL pro players currently consider that the best option to launch Overwatch 2 is free-to-play.

Will You Pay or You Prefer Free-to-Play?

During a recent podcast on the gaming network covering Overwatch and Valorant, PlatChat, OWL pro players Matthew “Super” DeLisi and Indy “Space” Halpern shared their opinion whether Overwatch 2 should launch F2P or not. Super outlined that while he tries to be optimistic, he wants to be realistic at the same time. Drawing a comparison to Apex and Valorant, the pro player outlined that one of their biggest benefits is that those two games are F2P. Super added: “I don’t know if Blizzard has any plans for that, but I feel it would be such a big deal to make Overwatch free to play.”

Realistically, I think that’s probably the best move they can make for Overwatch 2, to turn it to F2P,” said Matthew “Super” DeLisi

Supporting the statement that F2P will be a good option for Overwatch 2, Super stressed that there are F2P games that are being updated. With that in mind, according to him, some people may not want to pay $40 or $60 for the sequel. Space also agreed with Super on that. Additionally, Super said that according to him, F2P is the best move for Overwatch 2.

Space added that when Overwatch first came out, it was back when “people used to buy games.” He outlined that if the sequel is paid, the casual gaming base may not play the game. Space acknowledged that back when Overwatch first came out, people paid for it, but the game was something brand new. According to him, now, considering that there are F2P games, people probably won’t pay for Overwatch 2 since they know what it is.

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