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Published: January 31, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Solo queueing OW2 players can constantly be put up against stacked players
  • This makes winning games against them much more difficult
  • Fans want a way to see if the enemy team is comprised of players in a party

An Overwatch 2 fan’s experience perfectly illustrates why Blizzard needs to re-add the way to see if other players are playing in a party.

OW2’s “absolutely failed matchmaking”

Many competitive games require a ton of good communication between team members, something which can be a challenge while playing with random teammates. This is one of the reasons why solo queuing can be quite challenging, and Overwatch 2 is no exception to that. When you are playing with a bunch of unknown players and the enemy team is full of friends who know each other’s playstyles well and are communicating on Discord, you have a very challenging game to win.

This is why many Overwatch 2 players want Blizzard to re-add an old matchmaking feature. Many of them expressed this opinion under a Reddit post, whose OP suffered the above-described situation three times in a row. “As a solo player, I got matched vs. 4-stack, three times in a row, easily losing every single match. Absolutely failed matchmaking!”

The screenshot she OP posted, showing the exact same four-player stack against him perfectly illustrates the problem. The original Overwatch didn’t have the problem of going up against the exact same player stack many times in a row and it seems OW2’s community wants that matchmaking back.

Players Want a Way to See Stacks

Many commenters said they liked it when OW1 allowed players to see if people were in a four-stack. The community seems to want that feature back, alongside some of the other things they’ve removed. “I liked the feature in Overwatch 1 where you could see who was partied up,” one player said. 

“They’ve done everything in their power to remove being able to see the makeup of your team before the game starts. They hide levels by default, who is a premade etc. It’s all by design so people can’t see how awful their MMing is,” another player wrote. 

The current way to tell if another player is in a party is to invite them to their own party when you will see a prompt saying you aren’t allowed to. Another way to see if players are in a stack together is if they all disconnect from the server simultaneously. However, all of these are clumsy and inconvenient workarounds.

This, alongside the need for OW2 faster balance changes, is one of the many features players have been bugging Blizzard about in recent weeks. Hopefully, the issue gets fixed soon. 

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