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Published: November 3, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Many fans think Junker Queen needs to be buffed
  • They pointed out what kinds of issues they have faced when playing with her
  • Some ways to improve her include giving her more HP and reducing animations

Junker Queen has been underperforming since Overwatch 2 was released and many players have suggested ways she could be improved.

Fans Give Suggestions

It’s been a few weeks since Overwatch 2 has been out and millions of players have already entered the arena to see what the revamped game has to offer. Although there is a lot more new content in regards to maps, skins, and so on, the game also comes with its issues, common for the first weeks after a game is released. Besides bugs that lock players at spawn for hours, the game also seems to have some balancing issues regarding some heroes. 

One of them is Junker Queen, which according to the internet, is one of the worst-performing heroes currently. Although the Aussie tank has several abilities like Adrenaline Rush, Scattergun, Jagged Blade, Commanding Shout, Carnage, and Rampage, the community still thinks she is underpowered. 

Players are not happy about the Junker Queen’s current state, so many of them went on Reddit to brainstorm ways she could be improved. “I feel like her healing could be a bit more aggressive,” one popular solution reads. “It feels so long before you start getting heals from any bleeds you hit. Not too aggressive because landing big group shots with carnage would feel too oppressive to fight against but just a lil quicker.”

The way this could be done is to reduce the time of animations, one commenter suggested. Another agreed with him saying that the axe swing is way too telegraphed and leaves the player open. The same commenter also said that the animation for reckoning could stand to lose a few frames of animation as well. “I’d say she should swing her axe a bit faster, so many times I have died because she took way too long to swing the damn thing,” agreed a third Redditor. “This would help her damage and survivability at the same time.”

Other fans addressed the seemingly underpowered ability to heal through bleed. “Instead of healing from bleed give her over health. That way she benefits while at full HP,” one player suggested. “That or have her continue to heal after killing the target. That way she isn’t punished for securing the kill. Either change would make her current passive feel better.”

The list of possible improvements keeps on growing, and perhaps it would be a good idea on part of Blizzard to take into consideration what players have said when the company decides on its next balance patch. 

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