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Published: April 21, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Overwatch has sometimes suffered from long queue times
  • To fix this, the devs have prioritized making queues faster
  • Fans say this is leading to imbalanced team compositions and opponents

Overwatch 2 players are concerned that Blizzard’s new strategy of prioritizing quickly finding matches, rather than finding balanced teammates and opponents, is negatively impacting the game.

Players Complain about the New Matchmaking

Competitive games can often be frustrating or just straight-up not fun to play. Things can get worse when the game has so many updates that change how ranked matches roll out as well as their matchmaking process. This has been seen by many fans as a big problem in Overwatch 2, as Blizzard has recently made changes that prioritize finding opponents faster, rather than finding the proper level of opponents.

The frustration that so many players have been experiencing boiled over in a post on the Overwatch subreddit, where one fan explained that their games have become anything but enjoyable. The reason for this is that despite their queue times being rather short, the player is always matched up against higher rank and skilled opponents.

“No matter what I queue as, my queue times are 20 seconds or less, even on DPS. I haven’t had a longer queue in a week of gaming, and I’ve played a LOT,” the post reads. “At first, I thought this was a good change. Faster queue times who would complain about that? But teams are so imbalanced you can’t anticipate anything that’s going on ever.”

Other Players Report the Same Issue

It seems that this has been becoming an increasingly more common occurrence and many players also echoed the OP’s statements that Blizzard has to do something about the weird matchmaking. Many fans have found recently that, regardless of the mode they play, they’re being paired with players of a different rank, creating a very unbalanced team. 

Although Overwatch 2’s most recent updates introduced a much-anticipated Brigitte rework, they also introduced ranked queue problems. They say the reason for this is that Blizzard is prioritizing fast matchmaking rather than a balanced one. The worse thing is that the new matchmaking scheme does not even work like this all the time. 

Many players have reported not only having to play in imbalanced games but also having to wait long times to get into them. “Quickplay still takes over 4 mins for me and the matches are obviously misbalanced on one team we will have a master whereas me and my friend are gold,” one player wrote.

Blizzard has yet to comment on these complaints, but a number of fans said they fear prioritizing fats queueing is “killing the game”. Balanced matchmaking is crucial for ranked play, so let’s hope the Overwatch 2 devs will listen to the players’ concerns.

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